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Tyler is my only grandson he is 4 years old. Tyler is Brandys son, and NanNan's bestest buddy.Tyler is one of the most loving children that there is. He is a joy to be around. He likes to ride his 4 wheeler,fishing,swimming in my pool but most of all he likes going to his other mommas and pawpaws. On his 4th birthday after he blew out his candles he said he wished that his pawpaw would never leave him. He loves his paw paw more than anyone in this world. Tyler is a very lucky little boy his mommy and daddy love him very much. He is very smart and some what spolied after his mommy. Tyler is all boy unless his mommy is around then he whines after her he knows just how to do it. Just like a man ha ha!! All jokes aside he is a great kid,very loving ,funny,and a great personiailty. Tyler for you I pray that you always keep your head in the right direction. You have the means to go very far in this world please don't let anyone stop you. Don't let any one get in your way. Don't ever settle for anything less than what you really want. Always remember that I love you and we are bestest buddies I love you Tyler from your NanNan

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