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I think sometimes I must have still been in shock or something there are so many things I still don't remember about the night of the shooting,Bunny in the hoisptal ,the furneal,the trial but this what I do remember. It was cold,I didn't have a car so Bunnys bestfriend took me to Jackson County everyday for David Whittington's trial.Even tho I knew that once the trial was over I would have nothing left to hang onto I just wanted it over. Brandy,Robert,Natashia,Eric, people who were at the swimming hole that day had to testify.The police who investagated Bunnys murder,people they spoke with the night Bunny was murdered,his family,friends,preachers,coworkers.It was so hard sitting there listening to it all over and over agian.I knew my Bunny had to have been so scared and I wasn't there to help her. David Whittington's side: I can't remember how many people were there to testify for him ,but they were alot of them I couldn't understand how they could belive him to be not guilty.All but his mother I felt so sorry for her then and still do now.You could tell her heart was torn apart just like mine was and still is.I remember one lady had told the police the night they arrested him the only one around there that had a four wheller like that was David,how he hadn't been home at a certian time,and what time he did go home.He had to go by her house to go home.But on the stand she was saying what a great dad he was how she wished her kids had a daddy like that.There were 2 or 3 preachers that testfied each saying how long they had known David,each one saying what a nice Christen he was ,a good person etc.When ask when was the last time they saw him it had been a while,when asked was he a member of there church each one said he hadn't been to church sinse he was young.I remember his coworkers saying he was a loner,quite,came to work everyday but stayed by himself.He had no previous records had never been in trouble with the law before.I remember standing outside while it was recess or lunch or something and feeling like I was someplace else I could hear everyone but it was like they were echoing when they were talking or something.I coluld hear them saying how much each one had to put together so if the judge allowed him out on bond they could get him out. Bunnys side: The kids had to testfiy and tell it all over agian,I remember the proscuter David Moore had to show Brandy a picture of my Bunny laying in the mourge and asking her was that her sister.Asking them which hand did he use to shoot Bunny with where they were standing ,what kind of four wheller he had the whole story over and over agian.Reporters everywhere I looked one lady was so rude I was going to my brothers truck and she was asking me questions like how do I feel about the trial, what do I think the verdict will be I just didn't want to answer any more questions I remember saying to her how do you think I feel and telling her to leave me alone but she just kept on and on the truck was locked finaly I remember hearing my brother Butch tell her to get away from his sister and leave me alone.He put me in the truck and what else he said to her I don't know.I just wanted it to end to stop I wanted to wake up from this nightmare I was having. I wanted my life back. Evidence: David was left handed and Brandy said he shot Bunny with his left hand,he had something wrong with one of his feet and had to wear a special kind of shoe,the shoe prints at the sceen matched his,his four wheeler was a quad runner with some kind of rack on it,the kids had decribed it to a tee,the tire tracks matched his,the bullet they took out of Bunny after she died matched the empty casing they found at his home he had a firing range someone had tried to clean it up but didn't get it all. The gun box was found at his home when he desribed his pistol to the police and then the kids had to they gave them same desription he did.They said he was wearing a ballcap with something about wildlife on it ,bluejeans,tee shirt with logo like worlds greatest dad on it,when he was arrested thats what he had on.All of the kids picked him out in less than 1 minute all but 1 when ask to identfiy who the shooter was.I remember them holding up the blanket DezaRaye was using that day,I remember them showing some videos of the sceen and telling how he came from down out of the woods and murdered my daughter and driving off and going home and going to bed and going to sleep. David Whittington never showed any sign of remorse for what he had done,he belived or this is what I was told he belived because the gun was never found that they would find him not guilty.He sat there day after day just like it was nothing while my heart was ripped from me time after time while his mother sat there and cried and cried,his wife was there everyday but I don't remember seeing her when they found him GUILTY.I remember when the jury came back so fast I was shocked but glad it didn't go on for days and days,I remember them saying guilty and the next thing I remember is hearing Nicky saying get her ,get her shes going to fall and someone grabing me by the arm and helping me sit down. The next thing I remember is looking over at his mother and the tears falling down her face and I felt so sorry for her I wanted to tell her that but I didn't. After all no mater what that was her son she was losing in away and I just couldn't help but hurt for her. At the sentencing they gave him life without parole thats the only time he ever showed any kind of statement his mouth droped open and then he shut it and right back to the same ole look.Agian his mother was crying and so was I and I felt sorry for her and still do. The judge ask David and I if we had anything to say he said he was not guilty and I don't remember what else.I said that I no longer had my child she was gone forever her 2 babies didn't have a mommy and I didn't think he should ever be able to do this to someone eles family . To distroy another family,he should be kept in prison for the rest of his life. The judge must have thought so to thats what they gave him life without parole it will never bring my child home to me but he can't do to anyone else agian I wrote him once and tried to get him to tell me why he took my child from me but he still says it wasn't him that he let someone he didn't know borrow his four wheeler they were gone for a couple hours and his name was Rocky,and when he brouht his four wheeler back his gun was gone. I have tried to write him sinse then but my letters are alwys sent back not opened..

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