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~Garth Brooks~

Please take a moment to say a prayer
For the families of those who perished.
So many innocent lives were lost,

My candle burns for all of the victims of the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City, the Pentagon in Washington, D.C.And United Flight 93 that crashed in a Pennsylvania field, My prayers also go out to the families of the victims~~and all fellow Americans.

To Help The Red Cross toward the Victims of Disaster.
They get 10 cents each day you go in to click on them!

Hello, I would like for you to meet some of my family

Not all of us are here anymore my oldest child was murdered

1-24-75 7-19-94

She was 19 and 6 1/2 mo. pregant

Bunny left behind her 2 daughters,sister,aunts,uncles,friends,

daddy and me her mommy.

There is no pain like that of losing your child!!

You watch them grow ,smile walk ,crawl and then they

are gone forever.How do I carry on? The pain,hurt,empty

feeling,sad even when you are happy there is still a

part of you that is always sad it never goes away it never ends.

Bonnie'Bunny'Hawkinberry was born to Connie Frazer

[Townsend] and Burke Hawkinberry.

I was only 13 when I started seeing Burke he was 18.

We were young and in love.When Bunny was born

it was the Happiest day of my life. I had someone

to call my own to love and cherrish untill I died I thought.

After all thats how it's suppose to be

I can still see her first steps We were so proud she

was our little girl.I took her once a month to

have her picture made. I can still see her

little face and tiny hands and watching them

grow.She became a beautiful teenager by this time

her daddy and I were no longer together.

We lived together for 13 years

and had another daughter Brandy.Bunny and Brandy were very close.

I don't think Bunny ever got over her daddy and I

going our separte ways.She always thought we would go,

back together she belived this and wanted this

untill she died.

Bunny and I were very very close. We were always

together There were alot of times

I 'd wake up and she would be where I was sleeping at.

How she done that I'll never know.We ate together ,

sleep together, went to the store together we done

everything together and now shes gone forever.

My child my first born is gone and will never come

back, How do I go on because I have to. I promised

Bunny while she was fighting for her every breath that

I would take care of her babies for her.

I adopted them both DezaRaye

was 2 1/2 at the time and saw her mommy get shot

she delivered Miracle just like anyone else only

she was fighting for her life fighting for every breath she made.

I ask the Drs. to take the baby but he wouldn't do it

so 5 days after she was shot she delivered her

baby in th ICU at Charleston WV.

Miracle only weighed 2 lbs and 4 oz.

When she came home from the hoisptal

Miracle weighed 4 lbs and was 13 3/4 in. long.

Baby doll clothes were to big for her

Bunny got to see and hold her baby

for just a min. and then they had to put her in NICU.

She never saw Miracle agian.

For some reason I thought if I stayed there at the

hoisptal awake then she would get to come home.

Bunny could't talk she had to write everything down .

Even tho I had promised that I would not leave her

Bunny would try to get me to go home and rest

I stayed there with her anyway

I just knew that she would be ok if I

did Instead 9 days later she was gone forever

Miracle was born on the 5th day

on the 7th day her heart stopped for the 1 st.

time on the 9th day her heart coludn't take anymoe.

The last 2 days she just kept having sezious and crying.

How could 1 man that none of us knew had never seen

before distroy my life? How could he murder my child

in cold blood and then go home and go to bed

like he had done nothing I still don't know.

There is so many questions only he can answer for me

but he won't.Why what differnce does it make now?

They gave him life without parole they tell me

he will never get out so WHY won't he just give

me some answers? Why won't he at least do that

after all HE took Bunny from us .

She is gone forever on this earth

Bunny mommy will always love you we will be together again

Watch over your children like it's there Last because

it might be.I hope not there is no pain like ours

Give them an extra hug or kiss today and every day

There not ours to keep God only lets us borrow them,

He can take them anytime he wants to..

God Bless You and Your Family

Connie and Family

{When Someone}

When someone who was too young too die
Is taken away without a reason why
The angels sing, the angels cry
The tears that fall are not tears at all
But memories that will never die
When angels cry there is no pain
Just a never-ending constant rain
Suffering, there is no more
Just glory and safety to all

When angels cry
The whole world knows
They gather the tears up like
delicate petals from a rose
The scent from each one destroys all fears

When angels cry
People try to understand
How someone too young could
be placed under the great Creator's hand
The answer to this question may never be known

When angels cry crystal tears
We glance up and have no fears
For that person who was too young to die
Is now also an angel
Singing their songs of mourning
and crying their tears of memory
Up in the sky

Author, Witchery

~Please Note~
To the best of my Knowledge..
All the Midi music used on my website
Is free for me to use..
I do have permission,to use most of them..
But there are a few,
that I did get from other websites,
that claim there free for download..
If for any reason you feel any songs
posted here for listening pleasure
should not be here, e-mail me..
and I shall remove it ASAP..
Thank You...

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