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Wrighting this web site is hard to do but in someways it helps to,unless you have been where I am then I don't expect you to understand.A very nice lady that I call my angel helped me do this. I knew nothing about computers or how to do what I wanted done.Her name is Sherre from This lady has never met me in person only on the internet.I had tried so hard to get things downloaded to the pages I wanted,but just couldn't do it. I think God had a hand in sending Sherre to me,I thank him and praise him for this.Sherre I can never thank you enough for helping me. You have made me relize that there are some good pepole in this world not everyone that does something for you expects something in return,you never asked me for anything even tho you didn't know me.All I can give you is my frindship for the rest of my life. If you ever need anything or I can do anything Please don't think twice about asking me. So once agian I thank you for all your time and hard work God be with you and your family always and forever.

Your friend Connie