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Hello,I am Bunnys mother my name is Connie.Her dads name is Burke. When I was 13 years old Burke and I started seeing each other,he was 16 or 17.He was the love of my life at 16 we lost a baby girl,at 18 we had Bunny and at 21 we had Brandy Burke and I were together for about 13 years some were good and some were bad and when it was good it was very good and when it was bad it was very bad. Even now I can't stay mad at him.There are somethings that time don't change.I saw Burke over the week end {he lives in another town}this is the first time that I have saw him sinse Bunny died.It was so hard to be that close to him agian.Burke and I never got to grieve for Bunny together,or talk about her,or share the memories we had of her.When Bunny was in the hoisptal Burkes girlfriend at the time was with him she must have been a very insecure person.I mean we were at the hoisptal our daughter fighting for every breath she took and thats all we had on our minds.She would not give us 3 minutes alone.That was our child and it should have been ok for us to grieve together the best we could anyway. It has been almost 7 years and neither one of us know how to grieve or let go ,or to go on.He won't even talk about Bunny so I've been told. My heart breaks for him I had her all her life he didn't.He had vists and phone calls and yes she LOVED Her Daddy and He did Her but he missed out on so much. I could see it in his eyes and on his face when I saw him that losing his daughter was eating him up inside.I wish I could make it ok for him.I wish I could hold him and tell him it was going to be ok,I wish I could put that laughter back in his eyes that used to be there,that smile back on his face,just to take some of the hurt away.But I can't! How can I when I can't deal with my own pain,my laughter is gone,my smile is gone all that is left is pain,and more pain. Our hurt and pain will never go away.As long as we live the pain,empty, lost feeling we have we will always have.Nothing can make it any better or easier no amount of time can make losing your child any easier to deal with.Nothing in this world is going to help us now only God can help us. Burke and I have been separted for about 21 or 22 years but there is nothing in this world I wouldn't do for him if I could.He is the father of my children he was my first love.He made the comment one time that he made me the woman I was after all I was only 13 when we first started seing each other.We grew up together I guess, only Burke grew one way and I grew another so after all those years of loving,fighting,arguring,it was time to let go,or we thought so anyway. Bunny always thought her daddy and I were going to be together agian someday.I always just let her think it to because sometimes even if you know or think you know someones dream isn't going to happen you don't have the right to take that from them.Her dream wasn't hurting anyone. Bunny looks just like her daddy, short legs just like him,walked like him,hair,eyes the whole 9 yards.There wasn't 1 thing about her that looked like me.She did however act like me. When she was a teenager Burke used to say she'd be ok if she ever learned how to get along with herself,because she acted like both of us.The older she got the more she acted like me tho. If you ever find yourself where Burke and I are at please do this for yourself,don't let anyone take the time you both need together away from you.No matter what that child belongs to both of you is a part of both of you.Both of you had her or him out of love just because it is over between you don't mean you don't need each other at a time like this.Noone else can understand what you feel except the other parent and I do mean noone.Allow yourself to spend some time together,cry together,share your memories together.Don't make the mistake that we did and try do it alone or just not try to deal with it all.I know what it does to you and it only makes it worse if thats possible. Burke you will always have a place in my heart always and forever You are the father of our girls,we spent 13 years together.We watched one another grow from kids to a man and woman,we loved each other so much at one time,we have felt each others pain, joys,laughter,and tears.We are Bunny and Brandys Mommy and Daddy,there has always been a bond with us even when we don't see one another for years I guess they always will be.If you ever need me for anything,to talk,cry,laugh or just to be there I'm just a phone call away and you got the number

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