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Website is back !

Songs from the three Watch The Men Fall albums added to site (see MP3/Video page).
Watch The Men Fall is now on Soundcloud.

June 2007

Finally...The new album release party will take place on July 5th, 20h at the THEATRE DU POMMIER in Neuchâtel (Switzerland).
Be There !!!

The new album "L'Eternité et un Jour" will be available.

The group will be interviewed on the Swiss National Radio RSR1 during the broadcast "Radio Paradiso" on Tuesday July 3rd, 19h.

Another review of the album has been placed on the Musique-Chroniques website (in French)

April 2007

End of a long silence...

The new album is finally in our hands. It is called "L'Eternité et un Jour" and features eight new songs.

The official release party will take place in May-June. More info on this page soon.

Meanwhile, you may click here to read a recent Watch the men fall interview (in French) and listen to one of the new tracks.


July 2006

After a long long time, the site has been finally updated. The comments page experienced massive spam problems but a temporary solution has been found. The procedure is not automatic anymore. Nevertheless, the newly added comments should appear after 2-3 days. Don't hesitate to place your own, this really help us to go on... Thanks also to the people who have ordered our previous EP.

The release of the new full length CD is delayed once again. Sorry for that !!! We hope everything will be finished by this next autumn.

Watch the men fall also experienced some line-up changes : Jennifer (vocals) and Manu (samplers) have left. Gail has replaced Jennifer on vocals.


February 2006

We have to admit that there is some (slight... ) delay in the release of our new CD.

Patience is a virtue !


August 2005

No fresh news these last months. We still focus on the realization of the new CD. We already recorded all the drums and part of the keyboards and basslines (at Studio Mecanique). We hope everything will be ready for the end of the year.

A BIG BIG thank you to all the people who left some comments on our site. It really encourages us a lot...


March 2005

Well, it's been a long time since our site has been updated. This mainly because we work hard in order to have a new 7-tracks  CD out this summer (August ?). No other fresh news except that we received a new remix by one of our friend. This song will be featured in it's original form (completely different !) on our next CD. Anyway, here's his own version of the new track.

- New Remix by REDJ (Switzerland)                                               download            stream

Analog (Deconstruction mix by Redj) mp3 mp3 | real

February 2005

- New Remixes by Gho5t (Australia)                                                  download            stream

Cold Inside (War torn mix) mp3 mp3 | real
A new Suicide (Raining nails mix) mp3 mp3 |
A new Suicide (Blunt knife mix) mp3 mp3 |

 We thank him for his strong support during this last year. Have a look at his new site and listen to his brand new song featuring Lar on vocals.

- New photos added (click here to see them) from the our last concert in 2004.
 Thanks to Thierry Jayet again (visit him at www.nobrakes.ch


September 2004
 New concert planned in October.
We will be the opening act for
Mich Gerber,
October 9th in Neuchatel (Case-a-Chocs, 15.- sFR)

- We've been added on the databases of some specialized trip-hop sites :
 Have a look at them !!! : - www.tripofagia.com , www.trip-hope.com, www.auralgasms.com

- We work hard in order to have our second 4-tracks ep out beginning 2005

May 2004:
New concerts  - Fiesta Payerne (Fri), 17 June 2004
- D-Club Lausanne (VD), 21 June 2004
 - Montreux Festival-Off ( VD) , 15 July 2004

April 2004:
- New Remix by Optical Substance (Norway)                          download            stream

December 2003:
We participate in the BandsUnited project
 (USA) :
Our Compilation Project is aimed at helping each one of our Bands/Artists rise to success. Each Band/Artist for this project has been selected to be involved through a thorough, and very particular screening process. They have been chosen for their talent, originality, sound and because, well, they just have it. That magical effect that great music gives the world. With them they bring style, taste and passion. They have each made a commitment to promote, in their own efforts, the other Bands/Artists involved in the project." (Sin, USA)

November 03:
- New concert dates 12 dec 2003 : Molino, Lugano 13 nov 2003 : Colonia, Mendrisio

Oktober 03:
- New concert dates 29 nov 2003 : Orgy festival, Usine a Gaz, Nyon 15 nov 2003 : Halle du Chateau, Delemont

- Two excellent transatlantic remixes by Haunted Echo have been uploaded. Check out their site at www.mp3.com/hauntedecho. I really hope this collaboration will continue. Thank U Kris

- We've been interviewed on the national radio station Couleur 3 on the 4th of october. The song "Cold Inside" is played from time to time on this same station.

September 03:
- New concert dates (Bikini Test, Kaze-a-Chocs)

- Our song "Cold Inside" has been chosen to be featured on the CD (best reader demos) of the October issue of the journal Future Music (UK)

- We received two remix of Kris (Haunted Echo) for the song "Suicide". They will soon be featured on this page...

July 03 :
- Added two kickin' D'n'B remix of DJ ToneDEF (UK). Check out his site (http://djtonedef.iuma.com/) for some more "in ya face" tunes like this one.

June 03:
 - Three new concert dates in August

Mai 03 :
- Thierry replaces David on bass.

April 03 :
- The EP is out (big to thanks JU Fehlman for the long hours of mix, remix and REremix)



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