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29 July 2007

Hit really worth it to wait that long for your new album - it's excellent!
Thx a lot fot it!
Can't wait to see you live!
sioux, Valentina


26 July 2007

Word for hello !
Monica in Argentina


01 June 2007

Hello! Je viens d'écouter votre nouveau titre sur www.newzik.ch ... Excellent! Félicitations! Je me réjouis d'entendre votre album et de vous revoir!
A bientôt! Albéric

PS: je vais m'y mettre sérieusement à Cold Inside ;)...


24 Apr 2007

Wow, I can't wait until the new album is ready. Let me know straight away!!! You know my email- sexydannie62@hotmail.com.

LOve Dannielle x x x x

06 Apr 2007

Great sound, waiting for more :)

13 Dec 2006

Waiting for the next Portishead's cd, you're what is best done in trip-hop music. Hope you're gonna play soon in Wallis. Keep it up.

06 Oct 2006

Bonjour à vous !!!
Continuez à nous faire voyager dans vos compos planantes à souhait.
Bonne continuation en espérant vous revoir vite sur une scène suisse romande.
Fungus de Gibberish

10 Jul 2006

Very many thanks for a good work. Nice and useful. Like it! Holevy Urrau.

03 Jul 2006

hello, new vocalist gail!! when will we get to hear the new voice of watch the men fall?
LOve Dannielle x x sexydannie62@hotmail.com
soon i hope

25 May 2006

Excellent sounds

03 May 2006

Hello, beautiful music!!!!!!!!!! My name is Gustavo Galuppo, a video artist and musician from Rosario, Argentina. I'll like you can heard the music of our group, Vera Baxter. You can visit our web site: www.verabaxter.com.ar We wait for comments. Best regards, and sorry for my English.... Gustavo Galuppo ggaluppo@yahoo.com (please contact me at this address)

02 May 2006

Hi ya. Can you send me the lyrics please for D.O.B and Analog and Cold Inside. I have been waiting for a very long timeeee!! LOve Dannielle. I love your music if you can- send them to... sexydannie62@hotmail.com

02 May 2006

I haven't heard true trip hop like this in years. You guys are great.. keep it up. I can't wait for a album, I'll buy it as soon as it comes out!

12 Mar 2006

I like it, just found you guys browsing around for some trip-hop music. Reminds me of Halou (the album Wiser) released years ago. I'll be looking forward to the new release.

26 Feb 2006

I've got your cd by a friend for my birthday. what a gift! thx. can't wait hearing and seeing more from you. I also wrote a critique in my blog. http://itsamust.blogspot.com

30 Dec 2005

idhu romba nalla site

17 Dec 2005

I just ran into your site and listened to some of the tracks...they sound awesome. I can't wait for the new cd. Zina Mussmann zinamm@verizon.net

03 Dec 2005

hiya, just wondering if you knew there was a website called www.myspace.com it helps promote music, there are over 400.000 different bands with a membership, signed and unsigned. you guys should check it out and join. people can listen to your music, download it-if u want, use it on their profile, comment on the band and the excellent music you play. its really good. well ad me if you make an account. get fans all around the world. www.myspace.com/theharper08 thats my account. check out the bands i have as my friends. let me know how you get on. LOve D x x

28 Nov 2005

very very good band!! Chelaje from Argentina!

01 Nov 2005

watch the men fall are really good. it's a shame they aren't coming to the u.k- i would definetly buy their tickets.! LOve D x x come to England!!!!!

01 Nov 2005

analog is my fave song on here. any other trip-hop and watch the men fall fans please add me to msn messenger if you have it.. sexydannie62@hotmail.com LOve D x or email me, id like 2 swap music. ohh anyone know where i can find watch the men fall lyrics?

02 Oct 2005

lo mejor de lo mejor muy buena musika......

21 Aug 2005

pretty cool whats gonna make you stand out though comicozy1980

06 Aug 2005

Amazing! Pluto from Novosibirsk

02 Aug 2005


28 Jul 2005

Hello to you Watch t men fall, I'm coming from Greece and just discovered your tracks. Thank you 4 this good music! Specialy for your melodies and grooving sections.....!

18 Jul 2005

Amazing!! WTMF's music penetrates on so many levels. It's moving, deep, and quite disturbing. I discovered the band only a few days ago, so I'm still absorbing it, but I can say that it is some of the best music I have ever heard. The music does remind me of other groups with a similar sound, yet I clearly see the originality of WTMF, providing crisp vocals and solid drums. I live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. I am sad to think that I might not see these songs played live. So thank you for allowing me to download them to enjoy and to share. What a rare find. Thanks again. -Craig

08 Jul 2005

Hi Manu ! Greats songs from a great band. I look forward to hearing the new CD somewhere next Fall. @+ Cyril

04 Jul 2005

Tout simplement sublime. Aérien, profond, il suffit de fermer les yeux pour se retrouver ailleurs... Merci du voyage et à très bientôt en France j'espère ! Franck

17 May 2005

Découvert Cold Inside sur Fréquence Banane cette nuit: booooon! Vos autres morceaux aussi, d'ailleurs. Plus qu'à attendre l'automne pour vous voir sur scène... Séb

15 May 2005


26 Apr 2005

You guys are awesome! Hope you can squeeze in a Seattle, Washington date on a Stateside tour this fall... \m/

20 Feb 2005

wow! awesome stuff! keep up the good work

05 Feb 2005

Awesome music! Cool tunes, that´s the way I like! I´m a brazilian producer and I have a downtempo music project down here called Hi-Pass, and i´ve got just finished an album called "Slo". Take a look, I think you´re going to enjoy: www.hi-pass.com.br And congrats for your job, have you ever been in Brazil ? Cheers Tony Berchmans - tony@hi-pass.com.br

15 Jan 2005

hi my name is xavier i am from mexico theres no so much trip hoppers here but thats no matter to me i feel good alone your music is so good i like to much a new suicide that song is so nice well thats all if some ones feel alones like me heres is my mail: cherryblossomgirl604@hotmail.com the mail sais girl but i am boy well thats all

04 Dec 2004

I am a complete trip hop junkie and it has been a while since I heard such exquisite musiQ, not only as trip hop but music in general!! I might even have a new fav. band!! =) keep up the good work Marcie Angeles email: Plastic_is_Venus@hotmail.com

30 Nov 2004

Beautiful! I love it!

15 Nov 2004

awesome, love the music, cant wait to hear more!!!

28 Oct 2004

your music is great keep up the good work

10 Sep 2004

Very impressive. Well done guys c'etait vraiment tres bien bonne continuation a+ christian www.21hz.org

01 Jul 2004

very good music. Maybe you are interested in being payed in our Playlist in our Lounge Triphop internetradio. www.radiswo.de.tf

24 May 2004

Hi Manuel, awesome site from an awesome band, you guys are my new #1 favourite band, thankyou for providing me with new listening pleasures! keep it up my friends! From Andrew aka Gho5t and one half of Vox :)

12 Mar 2004

Absolutely amazing stuff! Can't wait to hear more. Dark and beautiful is such a great combination.

07 Mar 2004

Hello Manuel! Love the new site. Hope you are well. I have a new page at Musicv2.com,as IUMA seems to be going down the pan! You can find all my new tunes here; http://www.musicv2.com/artist/djtonedef Best Regards, D.J.Tone-Def.



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