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Chokkapana of Mudaliappapuram Street, Kallidaikurichi.

Chokkapana getting ready (on the left)

Chokkapana burning (on the right)

Fire from this, taken by lit dry Citronella grass stems to all houses, is used  lit kitchen fire afresh on the occasion of the Karthigai festival falling during November - December every year. I it is a joyous occasion for all, especially children.















A scene at the Sannithi street (front street) of Aadi Varaha Lakshmi Perumal Swamy Temple, Kallidaikurichi








Aadi Varaha Perumal Swami Temple chariot, ready for Car festival



 1. Karuvarai 11. Bhumi Deva Mandapam 21. Coconut Vidalai Madapam
 2. Ardha Mandapam 12. Parama Pada Vasal 22. Well
 3. Swing Mandapam 13. Alwar Sannathi 23. Sastha Koil
 4. Muha Mandapam 14. Store 24. Vasantha Mandapam
 5. Prahara Mandapam 15. Swing Mandapam 25. Bali Pitha
 6. Madappalli 16. Store 26. Dwajasthanbam
 7. Vahana Mandapam 17. Vahana Room 27. Karudalwar
 8. Sri Lakshmi Devi Mandapam 18. Sasthaprathi Mandapam 28. Main Entrane
 9. Sri Lakshmi Narayana Mandapam 19. Western Gate 29. Chariot Mandapam
10. Dasavathara Mandapam 20. Vaikunta Ekadasi Mandapam





Muthuswami Dikshithar on Lakshmi Varaha Swami