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The Walter Egan Interview Album

There's really not a whole lot to say about this one. It is a promotional LP that was released on Polydor Records sometime following (or just prior to?) the release of Not Shy.

As its title suggests, this album is a recording of an interview in which Walter Egan discusses his musical roots and the making of his albums Fundamental Roll and Not Shy. The interview was recorded in Los Angeles in September 1978 with Chuck Marshall of KWST. The songs listed are not included in their entirety, but rather as brief samples.

As a promotional LP, this record was never meant to be sold and so is not readily available. However, copies of it do sometimes appear on Ebay and on second hand record websites, so check there if you're interested.

Listed below are the track listings for each side. Beneath each list is the link to a transcription of the interview.

Side One
~The Road to California~

"Surfin' and Drivin'"
Songs on the Radio
"Magnet and Steel"
Highschool Days
Sageworth and Drums
Musical Influences
Jackson Browne
"Sweet South Breeze"
Touring with 'Man'
Wheels and Demos
"Only the Lucky"

Transcription of Side One

Side Two
~The Fundamental Roll~

Search for Producers
"The Blonde in the Blue T-Bird"
The Walter Egan Band
Live Shows and Sound Checks
"When I Get My Wheels"
"Finally Find a Girlfriend"
Writing Songs
The Future
"Hot Summer Nights"

Transcription of Side Two

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