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Walter Egan Solo:

The Penguin... Everything That is Fleetwood Mac
Walter Egan's Q and A Session (October 1999)

Independent Reviews Site
Amelie's Retro Hell - Interview With the Magnetic Walter Egan by Amelie Frank, July 2003 Vol. 3 Issue 4

The Walter Egan Interview Album
KWST's Chuck Marshall Interviews Walter Egan Los Angeles, September 1978

Firepit Friday Podcast, hosted by C.C. Curtis and Hypeman Rick.
Firepit Friday - Walter Egan and Edison Travelstead August 11, 2006

The Brooklyn Cowboys:

Mountain West Music
"Country Rockin' with The Brooklyn Cowboys - An Interview" by Laurie Paulik

John Zambetti (of The Malibooz):
Artist Profile - John Zambetti Interview (October 14, 1999) by Jeannie Novak

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