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Originally released in 1979 by Columbia Records.

This is the first of Walter Egan's solo records to not include any truly notable contributions from the members of Fleetwood Mac (though Lindsey Buckingham is credited with backing vocals on "Like You Do"). The production was handled by Egan himself who, lacking the same pop sensibilities of Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks, gave the album a much greater rock 'n' roll feel than his previous releases had.

Although this flexing of his creative muscles was good for Egan artistically, it only served to alienate listeners who had been drawn in by songs like "Magnet and Steel." Consequently, all three of the singles from HiFi failed to chart and the album marked the beginning of the end of Walter's place in Columbia's roster of artists.

Personally, I find this to be a very enjoyable album from start to finish and, though the sound is harder, the instrumentation of the music and the themes of the lyrics do not stray far from Fundamental Roll and Not Shy. Favorite tracks include "Little Miss, It's You," "Love at Last," and "You're the One."

In 1991, HiFi and The Last Stroll were released together on compact disc by the German label Bear Tracks/Bear Family Records (see image below left for cover). The two albums have just been rereleased on compact disc in May 2005 on Acadia/Evangeline Records (see image below right for cover). This new double-length disc includes two bonus tracks - an acappella version of "Magnet and Steel" and an alternate version of "Bad News T.F." The cd liner notes, all new and written by Walter Egan, also provide a great deal of insight into the goings on during the making of both albums.

If you are interested in purchasing this new release, it is available through

I Can't Wait
2. That's That
3. Little Miss, It's You - Listen to a sample! (sample approx. 1 min long, 589K)
4. Man B. Goode
5. I Do
6. Hi-Fi Love
7. Hurt Again
8. Drive Away
9. Love at Last - Listen to a sample! (sample approx. 1 min 15 secs long, 696K)
10. Like You Do
11. You're the One - Listen to a sample! (sample approx. 1 min 15 secs long, 715K)
12. Bad News T.F.

2005 CD Bonus Tracks:
Magnet and Steel (acappella version)
Bad News Travels Fast (alternate version)- (Lyrics same as album version)

Album Details:

1979, Columbia Records

Produced by Walter Egan for Swell Sounds, Inc. and Contemporary Communications Corp.
Engineered and Co-Produced by Tom Moncrieff
Directed by Greg Lewerke
2nd Engineer and Best boy: Matthew J. Sheppard (at El Contento), Ed Schaff (at Producer's Workshop)

Recorded November 15, 1978 to March 31, 1979 at 2282 El Contento Drive, Hollywood U.S.A.
Mixed Producer's Workshop April 1979
Mastered at A&M by Bernie Grundmann
Arrangements by Walter Egan and the Professional Band

The Professional Band is:

Annie McLoone: vocals on "Drive Away," "You're the One," "Love at Last,"
            "I Can't Wait," "Little Miss," "That's That," "HiFi," and "Bad News T.F."
John Selk: bass, vocals on "Love at Last," "I Can't Wait," "You're the One,"
            and "That's That"
Monte X Moncrieff: guitar, vocals on "Little Miss" and "Love at Last"
Mike Huey: drums and percussion
Skip Edwards: keyboards, vocals on "You're the One," "That's That," "Love at Last,"
            "HiFi," "Bad News T.F.," and "I Can't Wait"

Lindsey Buckingham (courtesy Warner Bros. Records, Penguin Promotions & Seedy Managements): vocal on "Like You Do"
Earl "Alex Wilde" Shackleford (courtesy Swell Sounds Inc.): vocal on "You're the One" and "Man B. Goode," tambourine on "Hurt Again"
Dr. John Zambetti, M.D.: vocal and party on "Little Miss, It's You," party guests including Ross, Mr. Matt, Monte X, Sneener, Wally Y.

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