Lyrics - Little Miss, It's You

Little Miss, It's You
(from 1979's Hi-Fi)

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Hey you
You may think you're goin' home
But I've got notions of my own
We're all alone
You're not afraid are you?

Well I think you know
Just what we ought to do
Yeah, little miss, it's you

You've had lovers in the past
Not this time it's gonna last
We've got the time
Let's try to see it through

Just understand
See what I'm getting to
Hey, little miss, it's you
Little miss, it's you
I need you

Ooh, ooh,
Now it's time to take a chance
Is it love or just romance?
Look in my eyes
You'll see they're clear and blue

Well I was blind
I fell in love with you
Yeah, little miss, it's you
Yeah, little miss, it's you
Ooh, little miss, it's you
Hey, little miss, it's you
It's you

I am nearly certain that I have correctly transcribed these lyrics. I listen to each song many times and write down what I hear but there are often lines that I struggle to understand. If you see a mistake and know the correct lyric, please feel free to email me. (

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