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My Favorite Tobaccos

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Balkan Sasieni

Very rich and flavorful Balkan blend with a hint of sweetness. Medium. (Balkan Sasieni).

Bengal Slices

Classic flaked English blend.  Ample latakia.  Medium. Unfortunately no longer manufactured.


Bill Bailey's Balkan Blend

Very enjoyable Balkan blend.  Mild to medium.  Full bodied. (Dan Pipe/CAO).

Gordon Pym

Delicious, full-bodied English blend.   Medium.  (Dan Pipe/CAO)


My Mixture 965

Nutty English blend with plenty of latakia. Medium. (Dunhill).



English blend with latakia and perique. Medium. Full bodied and always very satisfying. (Dunhill).




Edgeworth Sliced

Burley, Virginia blend.  Mild with delightful natural aroma. Unfortunately no longer manufactured.



Smooth and slow burning blend with ample amounts of latakia. Medium. (Esoterica).




Commonwealth Mixture

Outstanding, flavorful English blend.  Smooth and  Medium bodied.  (Samuel Gawith).   

Full Virginia Flake

Delicious flavor. Surprisingly smooth and mild for a Virginia flake.  (Samuel Gawith).   

Squadron Leader

Full bodied English blend. Medium. (Samuel Gawith)


Classic Balkan blend with plenty of orientals and latakia. Medium. (G.L. Pease).


Charing Cross

Delightful and throughly refreshing English blend. Medium. (G.L. Pease).



Raven's Wing

Wonderfully fragrant English blend.  Liberal amount of Syrian latakia. Unfortunately no longer manufactured. Medium. (G.L. Pease).




English blend with  perique and latakia. Medium. (G.L. Pease).



Three Nuns

Qunitessential Virginia-perique blend. Perfectly balanced with hints of fruit and honey.  Medium. (Imperial).




Blue Mountain

Tasty oriental blend with a hint of sweetness to the finish.  Medium bodied.  (McClelland).

Old Dublin

Slightly sweet oriental blend with ample amounts of latakia. Medium. (Peterson).

Balkan Sobranie

Quinetessential Balkan blend with ample amounts of latakia and fragrant orientals. Medium. (Sobranie of London).

English Oriental Supreme

Very flavorful, English-oriental blend.  Mild to medium.  (Peter Stokkebye)