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Fan Quotes

What people are saying about Katrina Chester!!!! If you would like to contribute to this part of the site...please email us at or click on the email icon on the page!! I hope to hear from you!!!

"What gets overlooked sometimes is the extensive and broad based talent and experience that LUXX brings to the stage every time they play. I have been a fan and have worked with them in many capacities for many years and they still blow me away everytime I see them. This is what convinces me that it is only a matter of time before we see the Rolling Stone Feature on Katrina and I guarentee no matter how well you know her Ian or Bennie you will find something in every artical you never knew about them. I believe it is the experience of all these years that has made them so damm interesting and inspires writers and fans alike to want more."


"Katrina Chester is what others strive to be. Overwhelmingly talented and a stage presence like no other, she is bound to be a one name star. You will say Katrina, and like Madonna, Janis and Brittney you will immediately know who she is."

*Michael MArkauskas*

"I am not the type of person who just hears a song or a band and instantly is a fan and my interest usually doesn't hold out over the years. However, from the first time I saw Katrina Chester preform in 1997, I have been hooked. Katrina has such an incredible talent. Everytime I listen to her I hear something new, feel something new. Katrina is the type of vocalist that not only draws your attention, but she takes you into the song and makes you experience every emotion that she relays into the song. It is almost as if you were right there experiencing that event with her. Katrina Chester will strive and be one of the greats. I have no doubt about it. I am sure when they look back upon the greatest musicians of this century...Katrina Chester will not go unnoticed!"


"Katrina Chester....let's forget what a great lookin' lady she is...let's forget how she takes over a stage during a performance....let's forget how sexy and sensuous she is...let's forget her outstanding personality and her heart that is as big as all outdoors...and let's concentrate on her great talent. Whether singing her own compositions or those of someone else...whether it's "rock", "blues", or "heavy", her lusty voice, reminiscent of great stars as different as Edith Piaf and Janis Joplin, with incredible range and clarity makes every song she sings something to experience...for you just don't "hear" Katrina FEEL it! When the lyrics are from her own hand and about her own life, her SOUL comes through with every note she sings; when the lyrics are someone else's, her renditions can turn "classics" into pieces of music never heard before. Whether she is singing as Katrina Chester or as Janis Joplin...seeing this woman perform live is pure excitement...the energy she projects from the stage is infectious and the audience absorbs it and is better for having heard and seen Kat perform. Katrina puts all of herself into every note, into every word, into every show in every town and city she plays. No one leaves a performance without being amazed, enthralled, enraptured...and if they have any love with this great talent. Let's just put it simply...KATRINA ROCKS!"

*Steven Berkman*
*Fan #1*

"I can remember the first time I saw Katrina. She was unloading a trailer full of equipment. My friend and I gave her a hand getting some of the stuff out. To be honest we thought she was just some chick with a band, because of the stereo type of course, and the fact that she was so down to earth and "normal" acting. Later that day as we were bying our time for the band we had come to see play we heard this voice from the stage that immediately made us stop in our tracks and look. 'OMG there is that chick we were just helping unload that trailer. We were truley shocked, how could such a powerful voice be coming out of such a small girl? Needless to say we were captivated, completely entranced. And thats the exact same feeling I get every time I see and hear and her perform which has been dozens of times since that first time over 5 years ago. With a stage prescence that makes your adreline rush through you like a raging river and a voice that sends shivers up your spine! Katrina is definetly the most powerful and eloquent performer I have ever seen."


"A simple quote about Katrina Chester is possible, but would hardly do justice to the huge talent that she possesses. No, you just cannot sum up an archetype with a simple quote so here goes.

Encountering LUXX three years ago reintroduced me to something inside that had fallen away for a while. It was in a ratty club known as the Voodoo Lounge that I came face to face with someone truly filled with the passion, artistry and drive that touches others. I didnít know it at the time but, as many others would say, this diminutive singer with the amazing voice has definitely had quite an effect on me in the three years since that show.

Katrina's performances, be they with LUXX, playing Janis Joplin or guesting on various other artists' albums, are all drawn from deep within her self. She is able to make the connection to that raw level of emotion in both of your souls and taps that maelstrom of energy. Channeling this energy and spirit, she draws you into her performance transcending the intangible barriers. Comparisons to the rock and roll stylings of Robert Plant, Freddie Mercury and Stephen Tyler just begin to scratch the surface. Seeing her perform as Janis Joplin on Broadway opened up a whole new dimension to her by letting her delve into the blues realm of Billy Holiday, Etta James and Aretha Franklin. This ability, so rare in artists today and coupled with the genuine personality she isn't afraid to show have her destined for fame. It's only a matter of time.

On the quieter side, Ian is a master of the guitar in all of it's varying styles. Amazingly tasteful and quite often understated in his playing, he can definitely break it out with the best of them. I can't anticipate how the new material will sound, but I do know it will be incredible.

On a personal note, there is no better feeling than being a fan and getting to knowing Katrina and Ian for the last three years and seeing their hard, hard work begin to payoff for them. There arenít two other more deserving individuals out there. You constantly amaze me."

* Matthew Erwich*