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It's been a long time coming, but the sweet sound of Classic Soul Music is as popular as ever! Vel Omarr has inherited that sound, reviving the melodic style and feeling that first put the soul in Soul Music...with pure, unforced vocals reminiscent of pioneers like Sam Cooke and Ray Charles. Vel Omarr delivers the sound of true Soul Music as it was meant to be!

"The Heart n' Sound of Classic Soul"

Review From Heikki Suosalo


There are numerous singers, who have been influenced by the late Sam Cooke, and then there are those, who even sound remarkably like him. Some do deliberate impersonations, but for a small number of artists “Sam Cooke sound-alike” comes naturally. Mr. Vel Omarr belongs to that group. Continue Article at: SoulExpress.net

Review From Neal "Soul Dogg" Furr
“I first caught up with Vel Omarr's stellar music while sampling his late '90's release of Rhythms & The Blues. It took me back to that original sound of mellow '60's Soul. Not surprising, the Mississippi born and Chicago raised young man always loved the music of the late Sam Cooke. Much like Sam, once grown, Vel left the Windy City for California to pursue his dream of becoming an entertainer. He eventually joined legendary R&B / DooWop group The Robins, as their second tenor lead singer. He later signed on with Brenton Wood as the opening act for Wood's Sweet Old School Revue and in 2003, he joined The Olympics as one of their lead singers. Vel has shared the stage with many well known artists such as Little Anthony and the Imperials, The Penquins, The Coasters, Gene Chandler, The Flamingos, James Brown, Etta James, Little Richard, Al Wilson, Barbara Lynn and Brenda Holloway. Vel's solo work has included the independantly released album in 2001, "Vel Omarr Sings Sam Cooke & More".
By Neal "Soul Dogg" Furr - beachmusic45.com Southern Soul Corner

Review From Gerald Allison
Every now and then a couple of artists' come along that you take heed to. Sam Cooke was one and in my opinion, Mr. Vel Omarr is the other. Not only does Mr. Omarr do a spot on emulation of the late, great Sam Cooke's singing voice, he also captures the soulful essence of Sam , right down to his trademark yodel. Putting all that aside Mr. Omarr is no joke or fly by night artist, in his right he is an accomplished soulful singer. If you don't believe me just sit back in your favorite chair, listen, and you too will hear the true meaning of SOUL! P.S., got my copy of the new c.d. (The Greatest Song I Ever Sang)

Review From Gilcon Entertainment
Vel Omarr's "How Can I Make You Mine" CD is definitely a demonstrative compilation of songs that lets the listener know that this is one of the greatest tenors around. Vel's vocal ability can only be compared to a finely tuned tenor saxophone being played by a master. The title tract 'How Can I Make You Mine' is a fantastic song. 'Trouble Blues' is a clear manifestation of Sam Cookes influence on Vel's music with a dash of Marvin Gaye thrown in the works. The 'Stay Where You Are' track is indubitably a tribute to the 'Doo Wop' era when voices were the major instruments and the background music was added as an after thought Vel Omarr's ability to move from spinto tenor to lyric tenor, effortlessly is amazing. Vel has said that Sam Cooke was a musical inspiration to him so I'm sure that Sam is looking down on him like a proud mentor and Marvin is smiling also, just as all the original Doo Wop groups are breathing a sigh of relief when they realize that REAL music is forever. Muzic Talk definitely wants to see that they have all of Vel Omarr's works and you should also, the man's voice is awe-inspiring.
By Tamara Gilmore-Spruill

Review From DailyMotion.com
Vel Omarr has always sang from his soul and heart and honors Sam's name, while at the same time creating his own songs. Paying tribute to a Legend such as Sam Cooke is something he has done for years and many people have been encouraged and at times brought to tears.
By Sanedra

Review From LatinoLA.com
Music veterans VEL OMARR & THE P'ZAZZ Band made their World wide Internet Radio debut on East L.A. Revue Radio and Chicano Express Radio with a generous and welcome response from our listening audiences. Their new CD, "How Can I Make You Mine", has a wonderful offering of new songs performed in the classic "old style cruising" mode. This one is a winner! Listen here: http://www.Vel-Omarr.com
By Frankie Firme

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"How Can I Make You Mine" - "Feels Like Love" - "Hurry Back Home"

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