Terre Haute IN to Columbus OH

Today's Driving Distance: 250 Miles - Driving Time: 4 Hours

Total Driving Distance [so far]: 3650 Miles - Driving Time: 59 Hours

It was a chilly 18 degrees when I got up this morning. News reports of bad weather coming in made me want to get to my next destination quickly. During the 4 hour drive the temperature never got above 24 degrees. Luckily the clouds above were not ready to release any rain although there were constant flakes of white blowing in the air. I made it to Columbus without any issues. Staying at a Courtyard Hotel near the airport, next door was a convenience store/gas station which had a Subway inside, so I picked up a sandwich and some chips for dinner. I don't eat chips often anymore and I again made a bad choice. Some brand name I hadn't heard of [Clue #1]. These were the worst truck stop bag of chips [Clue #2] I'd ever had. They got thrown away. Note to self: Don't buy crappy gas station food! Also I've been able to avoid sweets on this trip. I get a craving at night for something chocolate or cake but with nothing available without going out in the cold, I'm successful in avoiding them.

This road sign in Ohio made me think of Ronnie.

Snow on the ground

I had originally planned to go to Parkersburg, West Virginia and stay in a nice hotel built in the late 1800's after the Civil War. It would have been a nice Friday night stop and I saw they were having a Jazz Festival in their downtown area not far from the hotel. Because I like Jazz, ... NOT! But I could have put up with it a bit in my Iron Maiden shirt. When I checked the weather a few days ago, it was going to be a high of 31 degrees that night so I opted to pass on Parkersburg and stay on course for Pittsburgh. Plus it gave me shorter drives between Springfield and Pittsburgh where the previous plans would have given me back to back 6 hour road time.

Watching American Dad cartoons as usual

The Courtyard Marriott rooms have been comfortable. You know it is a cold area when the rooms have double windows, not double pane, actual two windows back to back. I thought it was going to snow the next morning so I was a bit worried about making it to Pittsburgh even though it as only a 3 hour drive away.

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