Springfield MO to Terre Haute IN

Today's Driving Distance: 380 Miles - Driving Time: 6 Hours

Total Driving Distance [so far]: 3400 Miles - Driving Time: 55 Hours

I got a good early start on Day 14 as I had to get to Terre Haute, Indiana nearly 400 miles away. Weather was good, traffic good and I caught a quick glance of the Cardinal's ballpark as I breezed through the heart of St. Louis with no problems. There was no scheduled stops to visit for the next two days except for Marriott hotel rooms. I had a bit of concern about the weather as I saw a report of storms and possible snow over Ohio and Pennsylvania. That's where I'm headed. But I have an extra day or so available if I have to hunker down somewhere. Today's musical selection was Godsmack and Pat Travers, over three hours of each. My ears were happy as was Mr. Met. He has my same musical taste or he would not be my co-pilot for this mission.

Mr. Met was enjoying the ride

While driving it's hard to get a good look at the surroundings while on the freeways. Occasionally I will venture off on a side road but only as an alternate route or to see something that catches my interest. On this day I just got through Illinois as quickly and safely as possible. Once I reached my destination, Terre Haute, I picked up a pizza at a fairly new looking Pizza Hut. It was not a good choice. Now I remember why I only eat at Round Table or Mt. Mikes.

Mr. Met misses Round Table

If this is the flavor of now as the box says, then now sucks and I need a new flavor. I'm hoping my friend Noah in Pittsburgh has some flavor for me. I read it will be very cold there in Pittsburgh. And about 80 degrees back home in California. I miss the warm weather and good pizza already.

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