Springfield MO

Today's Driving Distance: zero Miles - Driving Time: zero Hours

Total Driving Distance [so far]: 3020 Miles - Driving Time: 49 Hours

I spent two days in Springfield relaxing and catching up on my sleep. I did not get up until 10:30 both mornings but I had stayed up late each night. Mr. Met and I spent some time in local eating establishments, watching baseball spring training games and working on the website. First was a TGIFridays, then Hooters, then Buffalo Wild Wings. Too much basketball on the TV's, I am not an NBA fan and the Final Four just interferes with Opening day of baseball.

We did do a driving tour of Branson and all of the Country Music palaces. Most of the two days was shrouded in secrecy. Stories of pinball, root newtons and cats will not be exposed here. But here is one photo of Mr. Met that leaked onto the internet.

Mr. Met never looked happier

I did not take any photos during these two days, did more "half way point" relaxing. And my laundry. So instead here is a photo of my Mets hat accumulation over the years. I believe I wore most of these for a considerable amount of time before moving to the next one. So yes, it is mainly a used hat collection.

I've been wearing Mets hats for over 40 years

One thing that has really interested me/caught my eye has been the abandoned old buildings along the way. In California these types of structures get tagged by gangs, burned down by arsonists, and removed before nature can do her slow work of dilapidation. When a building slowly breaks down with little or no human intervention, I think it can make a neat little photo opportunity. Unfortunately some qualifying buildings I noticed as I drove by were not accessible from the freeway without some major frontage road searching. I would like to do part of this drive again through Texas and take pictures of different structures, barns, old gas stations, etc. that have the look of nature's weathering. And no tagging present.

Despite the signs, they would not accept my credit cards

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