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My Rate It All Home Page

Welcome to My Home Page of Rate It All.Com.

On the real site you can rate anything you ever wanted to rate to your hearts desires. You also have an opion in how you rate and what you say about anything on that site.

Here is what I list the different rating material that has helped an individual.

(2 People Have Rated That This Statment Was Helpful Them):

Full House "What a great family show! One of the greatest all-time favorite tv show!!! Who would ever imagine, a father of three daughters being a widow, raising his three kids with his brother and best friend. To me that is very unique and hardly ever heard of from television. Watching the kids grow up was an amzing thing. DJ grew up to be a beautiful sweetheart who always tried so hard to watch his weight. Stephanie always cautious of her glasses grew up being funny and very responisble and I especially loved her remarks "HOW RUDE"! Now what to say about Michelle? The olson twins sure have had the roles of their lives! Wathcing the twins grow up into a beautiful young gals sure warmths your heart and they sure had a great start in their acting career! I will never forget the laughterness, the loving and most importantly all of the hard strict lessons we all learned after what the kids have done. Now who could ever forget KIMMY? What a great gal she was!!!"

R.E.M. Video Everybody Hurts - "Now this is a great music video and deserves to be in The Top 100 Most Watched Music Video. This video has style and great pride of what the song is all about. Who would ever imagine that at the end of the video that everone would just get out of their cars in a jammed section of the street and just start walking?"

(3 People Have rated The Following That Helped Them):

Saved By The Bell - "This is a great teenage show to watch and to learn about what it means to go to school and to learn from mistakes of what it means to go to school during that time. Zach always tryin to make things go his way, which in most cases never did because of always the mess up of SCREETCH the goofy charecter who always made things worse. The other charecters were great as well especially the PRINCIPLE! He always made me laugh."

Mr. Smith Goes To Washington - "This was such a great movie and one of my alltime favorite movies. James Stewart always blows me away and this is chareceter is absoultely amazing. I would never be able to stand on my feet for a whole 48 hours was it? Just to stand up to something he believe in, he was incredible. I wish we had more politicians like Mr. Smith in our days today!"

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