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My Home Page

Welcome To Main site to find stuff to rate things. Look at these different sites to rate:

(RATINGZONE.COM) is a great site where you can rate movies, cd's, tv shows, restaraunts, stores, books, magazines and they will reccomend you more in those areas.

(RATEYOURMUSIC.COM) is where you can rate cd's and they will give you reccomendations and on top of that you can find others in the internet world who has simialar tastes as you do.

(RATEITALL.COM)is a site where you can rate anything that you ever wanted in the whole planet earth. You rate them and give feedback of why you like or dislike a rating.

(BLOCKBUSTER)another movie site to rate movies as well as tv shows and they will reccomend you what you would like.

(TVTOME.COM)is a place where you rate tv show episodes you have watched and based on everyone's votes they rank the top voted episode in each show.

What You Can Rate

My Favorite Web sites

Ratingzone/Blockbuster Link
My Rate Your Music Link
My Rate It All Link
Rate Tv Show Episodes
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