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Tony Reeves

Gig Guide

  • 14 April 2006 After Office Hours, Barnet

  • 13 May 2006 After Office Hours, Barnet

  • 07 June 2006 Allen Club, Bedford

  • 10 June 2006 Talk of the Town Live, Milton Keynes

  • 24 June 2006 Lichfield Jazz and Real Ale Festival, Lichfield

  • 15 July 2006 Gropius Hall IVC, Cambridge

  • 05 August 2006 Talk of the Town Live, Milton Keynes

  • 11 August 2006 The Talbot Hotel, Tregaron, Wales

  • Bands

    Band Position Years

    Big Chief

    Bassist 1979 to present

    Curved Air

    Bassist 1975-1976
    Claire Hammil (backing band) Bassist 1975


    Founding Member. Bassist 1972-1975. 1976-1977. 2000 to present


    Founding Member. Bassist 1968-1970
    John Mayall's Bluesbreakers Bassist 1968
    The Peter Lemer Quintet Bassist 1966
    The Mike Taylor Quartet Bassist 1965
    The Wes Minster Five Bassist 1963-1964

    TV and Film Work

    1970 : As part of Colosseum appears inthe film "Supershow".

    1978 : Is part of the orchestra at the end of the BBC and Radio simulcast of the rock opera "Curriculee Curricula".


    Memories and Recollections

    "I remember John Peel, who was vegetarian even then, ordering date and cream cheese sandwiches during a break in recording, this intrigued me so I ordered them as well!!" (Tony Reeves - 8th September 2001)

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    Photograph of Tony Reeves reproduced with the permission of Russ Parrish