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Sundance (Greenslade)

Drowning Man (Greenslade)

Feathered Friends (Greenslade/Lawson)

Melange (Reeves/Greenslade/Lawson)


Joie de Vivre (Greenslade/Hall)

Bedside Manners are Extra (Lawson/Greenslade)

Sundance (Greenslade)

Red Light (Lawson)

Spirit of the Dance (Greenslade)

Dave Greenslade - Keyboards

Dave Lawson - Keyboards & Vocals

Tony Reeves - Bass Guitar

Andrew McCulloch - Drums & Percussion

Produced by Dave Greenslade

Photography : Michael Putland

Released 1999 : MYS CD 136

All tracks recorded live between 1973 and 1975 - Remastered April 1999

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