Josephine L. Morada
Artistic Director/Choreographer
Administrator - Academicos da Estrada Real

Graduate of UC Berkeley, 1978, with a BA in Social Welfare,  Josephine has
involved in Brasilian music and dance since 1980.

She has studied in Rio de Janeiro with Mercedes Batista, the Brasilian
Katherine Dunham; Charles Nelson Silva, Mercede’s protege, and Isaura de
Assis, one of Escola de Samba Salgueiro’s  top Porta-Bandeiras.  

In the SF Bay Area she was a member of Batucaje dance company and Carnaval
contingent from 1980-1983. She worked as a dancer for Claudio Amaral and Viva
Brasil.   She has been  a member of Bira Almeida’s ( capoeira master - Mestre
Accordeon) performance troupe Corpo Santo  since 1984 and still does
performances in schools with the troupe.

She has danced with Rio’s Afro-Brasilian dance company Ile-Ofe and in Rio’s
Carnaval with several escolas. On her most recent trip to Rio for Carnaval
2001, she danced with Carnaval champions, Escola de Samba Imperatriz
She has been a student of Jorge Alabe, AfroBrasilian folkloric specialist in
the dances, songs and rhythms of the Candomble, since 1991.

Josephine is the co-founder of Escola Nova de Samba, San Francisco community
arts organization  whose mission statement is to promote and perpetuate the
arts of Brasilian Carnaval  and its AfroBrasilian roots, through community
classes, performance workshops, residency programs in public and private
schools, participation in Carnaval San Francisco  and performances throughout
the Bay Area.
Performances include the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival, ‘85 , ‘88,
‘89, ‘94,
Mendocino Dance Series, New Orleans by the Bay Festival, Russian River Jazz
Festival, SF Jazz Festival and the Alaska State Fair.
She has also performed with Flora Purim & Airto, Tania Maria, Sergio Mendes
and SF Bay Area’s  own Carlos Santana  and Pete Escovedo.

In the Fall of 1996, Escola Nova underwent administrative  and artistic
After its 1999 Carnaval SF parade the organization officially became
Academicos da Estrada Real and continues its goals and objectives to promote
the traditions  of Rio de Janeiro’s  Carnaval and escola de samba with
community services and performances for the SF Bay Area and beyond.