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Rio Carnaval 2001 with Escola de Samba Imperatriz Leopoldinense

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This year Estrada Real will not be in our Carnaval parade.  We are happy that Gamo da Paz still continues with Quimbanda and that Jorge (Alabe) has Grupo Rio Samba to bring the drums, the heartbeat of Carnaval, to our streets for the parade. By now, those of you who are planning on parading are already deep into rehearsals/class or are ready to show up and get into it....We wish you alegria, love and much fun!!!
Bateria Director Rudy Ortiz will be playing with Gamo da Paz and Quimbanda.
20 years ago I danced in my first Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro with my beloved friends from Ile-Ofe, AfroBrasilian dance company, as we participated in the ala de danca afro-brasiliero for Escola de Samba Portela Tradicao and for Unidos da Ponte. I danced in an ala with Portela too. All the ensaios (rehearsals), learning the enredos,
all the people, so much joy, meeting brasilians who couldn't believe that americans even heard of samba...
So much fun and at that time I had 2 escola nova carnaval presentations under my belt...Now, with 25 Carnaval SF parade presentations, 5 SF Ethnic Dance Festival performances and various life/dance experience, I am happy to have been invited to be a judge for Carnaval SF 2007.  Looking forward to seeing you all out there!!

GAMO DA PAZ - Workshop Pics

AfroBrasilian Dance and Drum Workshop Presentation  Featuring Vania Amaral and Gamo da Paz  

Jorge's samba pagode percussion and songs workshop







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Carnavalesca Josephine Morada is the enchantress who constantly amazes us with her visually dazzling costume designs and choreography.  Click here, or her picture to read her bio.

Mestre Rudy Ortiz is fresh from the Quadras of Mocidade to bring you a finely crafted Bateria that will rock your world with the true sounds of Rio de Janeiro.

Click here, or his picture to read his bio.

Josephine and Rudy bring their experiences, dedication, and passion for Samba and AfroBrasilian music and dance to members of Academicos da Estrada Real and the SF Bay area community as they continue along Life's "Estrada Real".


   Acadêmicos da Estrada Real, formerly Escola Nova de Samba, is Northern California's oldest Samba organization. Founded in 1983, it has been the wellspring from which many other Bay Area Samba organizations have emerged from. Our experienced directorial staff teaches perhaps the most authentic Brazilian and Afro-Brazilian music and dance with close attention to detail and with the highest respect towards the culture. Our flag bears the double-axe of Xangô and a Surdo Drum, symbolizing our dedication to Samba and the sacred music of Candomblé.  If you want to learn Samba right, go to the Academy.                                                                                  

Hear a Bateria Play - Click Here!


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