For those of you that are experiencing "fan fiction" for the first time, we'd like to take a
moment to explain, not only what "fan fiction" is; but, exactly where we draw our inspiration.
Or should we say, from "whom"?

"Fan fiction" is fairly self-explanatory: Fiction written by a fan of an entertainment personality,
whatever the genre (acting, music, sports, etc.) There are varying forms of "fan fiction" that range
from innocent and platonic to balls-to-the-wall (literally) erotica.

What types of fan fiction will you find here?
Simplest response: Yes. You name it, you'll find -- for the most part.

The objects of our affection? *grin* The Backstreet Boys. Now, if that name makes you scratch
your chin and say "Who?", keep reading, as we'll be introducing the individual members
of the Backstreet Boys anon.

Then again, if that name makes you salivate and run for your vibrator,
keep reading as well. (or you may want to skip right to the stories ...
just bring the vibrator with you *grin*)

Howard Dwaine Dorough

Howie, HowieD, SweetD, Latin Lover, Mr. Sexy Man, or just
plain Howard. Second oldest of the group, Howie can best be
described as "The Mediator."

A charming gentleman with beautiful brown eyes, Howie is full of
light and simply oozes sensuality. Something akin to a medieval
Knight of the Round Table, it's easy to envision him with his hand
gently placed at the small of your back, leading you into a room...
preferably a bedroom.

He's passionate, he's playful, he's charismatic ... he's Howie.

Nicholas Gene Carter

NickyNick. Nick. Saint Nick. Frack.
The baby of the group at the ripe young age of 21.
First, let me say, THANK GOD HE'S FINALLY LEGAL!
Now we can do all types of naughty things with him ...
literarily speaking. It's a word! Now. *grin*
We've watched our boy Nicky grow up into quite the
handsome young man. He's definitely filled
out in all the right places. Tall, blond ... gorgeous.

There is an innocence to Nick. A childlike
quality that makes him completely irresistible.
There is a strong passion within him, a passion
that has yet to be fully realized.

Brian Thomas Littrell

Bri. Brian. B-rok. The "middle child". Brian
is so good, so dare I say angelic, that it seems
almost sacrilegious to write of him in a sexual way.
Almost. Brian is the one that will light up a
room from a smile and the ever-present sparkle
in his eyes. Born in Kentucky, he has still
held on to the "country boy" part of him.

There is inarguably an erotic quality to
Brian -- almost like looking at him and his
goodness creates this insatiable need to make
him "bad". to watch out for the quiet ones? We're betting
that's the case with Brian as well.

Kevin Scott Richardson

Kev. Train. Mr. Body Beautiful. Kevin is the
oldest of the group, having recently turned 30.
Personally, 30 has never looked so damn good.
Like the rest, he is also a gentleman; and, he's
also a country boy like his cousin Brian.
However, there's this "Barry White thing" that
Kevin does with his voice, all deep and vibrating
and melodic, that will go right through to the
deepest, most private parts of a woman, leaving
her weak in the knees and wanting.

He has the most amazing emerald green eyes that
are intense and exude dominance and control.

Kevin takes on an almost ethereal quality to him
whenever he sits at the piano, concentrating on a
piece, his fingers nimbly moving across the keys.
It often leaves a woman to wonder what the feel of
those strong, gentle hands is like ...

Alexander James McLean

AJ. Alex. Bonedaddy. A-Jiggidy. The Tattooed
Wonder. There are two very distinct personalities
with Mr. McLean: AJ and Alex. AJ, the on-stage
persona, can be easily described ... PURE ... SEX.
Alex, well, he's the real man behind the on-stage
persona; and, he's one of the sweetest men walking
the face of this earth. Poetic, creative, gentle.
Total opposite of AJ.

We can have lots of fun with AJ/Alex because
there are so many different aspects to him.

"The eyes are the windows to the soul" and that
phrase has never been more accurate than when
looking into his.

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Copyright 2001 Kendra Baker