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electric assembly slow exit eaep3

1. in howls  2. son of summer  3. heading for a fall  4. distant airlines  5. films out of time

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electric assembly white splinter eaep2

1. descent pattern  2. 11:43  3. broken  4. wipe the sun off your shoes

 <a href="">descent pattern by electric assembly</a>

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electric assembly debut ep

eyes on the wall eaep1

1. can care be wrong  2. white lake  3. colours change  4. pylons

 <a href="">can care be wrong by electric assembly</a>

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Our first release was Ekohed's dreamedemos cd collection (ekocdr1). Ekohed is David from electric assembly/The Vertical Smile). This collection contains a whole cds worth of music, songs and sounds all recorded on a second hand four track with a variety of instruments all played by David. Influences include Dinosaur Jr, My Bloody Valentine, Seefeel, Big Star, The Velvet Underground, Spacemen 3, early Warp acts (Aphex Twin, Autechre, Black Dog) and many many others. Please go to the myspace page to listen for yourself.

Our second release was a collection of live tracks from The Vertical Smile), who had been absent for some time having played 9 blistering gigs in London between July 1998 and August 1999. The band made its return to the live arena in April of 2004. 

Tracklisting for the live collection entitled, live in london ep (vsmilecdr1), is as follows: Repeat To Fade,  Nothing Lasts That Long, Luke's Tune, If You Don't Smile I'll Make You Cry, A Return To Satisfy (Live Reprise), Little Lost Causes. This collection shows the many sides of the band's live character from the sonic onslaught of songs like Luke's Tune and If You Don't Smile, to the gentle beauty of glowing instrumentals like Little Lost Causes - a tune which happens to be one of the favourites of the band, ten minutes of spine tingling bliss.

The band had one other release, A Return to Satisfy (Opium Tears mix), which was on the Earworm records compilation The Tell Tale Signs of Earworm (Worm 43). Copies of this collection may still be available from Normans Records and Forced Exposure (US)




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