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A little about Rammstein:

Rammstein is: 


Rammstein formed in 1993 are a German alternative metal band who consist of the six members shown above. Their music is a mix of metal, dance and you could say also classic in a way. The band members themselves come from different musical backgrounds which makes their songs when made so different from the mainstream which is a good thing since most band are quite similar in sound and themes. 

A little about each member:

Name: Christoph "Doom" Schneider

Position in the Band: Drums

Date of Birth: May 11, 1966

A Little About Him: Christoph is a very energetic drummer who enjoys the music he plays and the band he is in and personally I think nobody could fill his place. If you have seen the video/DVD "Live aus Berlin" the solo in "Weisses Fleisch" is awesome and very well performed!


Name: Richard Kruspe Bernstein

Position in the Band: Lead Guitar

Date of Birth: Jun. 24, 1967

A Little About Him: Richard is the found member of Rammstein who writes most of the music for the bands songs. Richard enjoys the who stage presentation for Rammstein because he says it is great fun but he is also a great guitar player with solos in various songs such as "Links 2 3 4" and "Herzeleid."


Name: Paul Landers

Position in the Band: Rhythm Guitar

Date of Birth: Dec. 9, 1964

A Little About Him: Paul although being the smallest member of the band looks the meanest! He enjoys playing with Rammstein and it shows on stage. Paul also provides backing vocals in various songs such as "Du Hast" and whistles in "Engel."


Name: Till Linderman

Position in the Band: Lead Vocals

Date of Birth: Jan. 4, 1963

A Little About Him: Till the infamous lead singer of Rammstein who is a trained pyro-technician that performs crazed acts on stage that include shooting flames above the crowd, wearing boots with fireworks attached and performing "Buck Dish" with a fake dildo. These antics have got them into trouble a few times.


Name: Oliver Reidel

Position in the Band: Bass

Date of Birth: Apr. 11, 1971

A Little About Him: Oliver seems a quiet kind of guy that may be a bit shy but his bass skills are unique to say the least. Although only using a 4-string bass on the albums "Herzeleid" and "Sehnsucht" he now uses a 6/7-string bass for the recently released album "Mutter." On stage Oliver is usually position toward the back of the stage and in the "Live aus Berlin" concert he has electrical tape and sunglasses on his head.


Name: Flake Lorenz

Position in the Band: Keyboards

Date of Birth: Nov. 6, 1966

A Little About Him: This wacky keyboarder has a musical background with previous education in music. Flake's tunes are one of the main things that make Rammstein's music so original. Although some of his dancing on stage may seem a bit too weird he is a talented keyboarder.