Sonny Burgess
Sonny Burgess at Elvis' birthplace.

The Pacers started with Sonny Burgess on vocals and guitar, Kern K. Kennedy on piano, Johnny Ray Hubbard on slap bass, Russ Smith on drums, Joe Lewis on guitar, and Jack Nance on trumpet. In early 1957 Joe and Russ left the band; Russ going to work with Jerry Lee Lewis and Joe to further his own career. In August of 1957 Jack joined Joe working with Conway Twitty and Bobby Crafford joined the Pacers as drummer.

In March of 1958 J.C. Caughron joined the Pacers as lead guitarist.  Caughron died in a car crash around 2007.  In 1962 Jim Aldridge joined the Pacers playing sax. Jim Passed July 7, 2022  Then in 1959,  Fred Douglas played one year for Hubbard who took some time off.  Fred replaced Hubbard as bass player in 1963 when Hubbard retired .  Hubbard passed away in 2015 in Newport, AR. Charles Watson II plays fiddle on the "Still Rockin' and Rollin'" album.   Charles passed in 2017.  Kern Kennedy (Piano) passed in December 2018.  Sonny Burgess passed in August 2017.  Jim Aldridge passed in June 2022.

Pacers At Harrisburg.