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They are – Zilch
Who are – Alternative rock
It is – Literally Meaning Nothing

Third time lucky? Not that I would wish to belittle their two previous EPs (that would be unfair) but one gets the feeling that this time they have definitely managed to produce something really rather special!

Many other bands may have struggled to cope with the magnitude of pressure that Zilch has faced. Winning the title of Band Of The Year in Peterborough, although flattering, will undoubtedly have meant that Zilch had their work cut out when producing this CD in order to stay on top of the form , but these kids have taken it all in their stride. To their credit their third EP has surpassed all the expectations I had of them. Not only is the music beautifully constructed and written, but hell, it’s exciting, and we’ve been waiting for music like this for such a looooooooong…..time, havent we? (Say, yes) Yep, I love this CD. I’m not going to hide the fact and quite frankly I think I am going to enjoy writing this.

The first track from out beloved local noiseniks ‘Vixy’ is the perfect opener to the EP. It’s vibrant, effervescent and fiery. It’s with reference to this track that that we can most clearly feel the significant influence that Muse has had on the band. This song is quite reminiscent of ‘Hyper Music’, but with a darker edge, stronger basslines, and definitely more attitude, provided by Matt as he splutters out the indefinable words with breathless urgency. Trust me, you will be left breathless too! A song like this would leave Kelly Jones quaking in his boots (or should that be his old size nines?...anyway!)

The second track is quite different sounding to the first, but Zilch still manage to do it great justice, fuelling the assertion that Zilch are a multi-talented band. Definitely more Blur than Muse in character it’s another sterling testimony to their amazing ability. Matt’s chirpy gruffness when he utters the words ‘Terry’s a grass, his days are numbered’ is spookily reminiscent of Damon Albarn back in the good old ‘Parklife’ days, i.e. before he went a bit crap, and got obsessed with computer generated relatives of monkeys.

Talking of animals the last song could be described as a dark horse. Emma (the bassist) sings backing vocals. It seems to be the case that nobody knew she was such a great singer so this track was definitely a very nice surprise. Her delicate, syrupy vocals brought the perfect contrast of sound to the CD to make it all in all truly quite remarkable. ,p> You NEED this. It NEEDS you. Buy it. It will restore your faith in music.

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Rocking or Shocking?
Rocking. 5/5. Sweet Nothings.


They are: Zilch
Who are: Indie/alternative
It is: Sink the Magic Christian

The Magic Christian may have sunk, but believe me Zilch are in no danger of heading for the same fate! But, what is it that is so special about Zilch which may save them from this disaster? What is it that differentiates them form the plethora of other young hopefuls out there? Well, for starters, the musical climate at present, quite frankly, can only help to facilitate their growth. It is blindingly obvious that it is the 'kids' who rock and that there is simply no room for the more chronologically challenged in this exceedingly harsh and ageist industry, and Matt Hunter (lead voxs/guitar) means business. . In fact,let's not be picky, for they all do! In the second track off this demo, ‘Confidence is Expensive' he proclaims, with great fervour, that ‘we want the world and we want it now!’ and why not? This certainly appears to be explicit from a quick peruse of their gigging history as over the short time that they have been together (just over two years) they have managed to notch up over 40 gigs, which is impressive compared to the standards of the other local groups. They have graced some top venues like The Borderline in London, and The Cavern in Liverpool, and have played the local circuit so much they are now in danger of blowing a fuse! Indeed, they have gained such a great reputation locally, that they have recently been voted the best new unsigned band in Peterborough! How about that for a band who by their own admission believe they are nothing. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Why settle for the world. As Bond would say (and is!) ‘The world is not enough! And there certainly isn’t any sign of any slacking on their part!

Now for the main course. Zilch provide music to satisfy the healthiest of appetites, and display maturity in their song writing which blatantly sub seeds their years, and they are multi talented with respect to the musical style they choose to develop. The first two tracks on the demo are moody, quirky, soul searching feasts of brilliance. They also show an ability to display a beautiful romanticism, which is perhaps perceived most vividly through the lyrics Matt chooses to get his creative juices flowing. Oh, and yeah he is quite tasty too, which helps!

I sincerely hope that Zilch get their just deserts, but perhaps their greatest obstacle will come from the inevitable comparisons which will be made between them and Muse – which will no doubt be flattering – as they cite them as one of their main influences – but none the less potentially damaging. There is nothing worse that being described as a ‘poor mans………whatever’. You know what I mean, right? But, don’t let that put you off. Indeed Muse themselves have even been troubled by this type of infliction, being unfairly compared to Radiohead in the past – but have with retrospect survived it, becoming mega famous rock God’s never the less.

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Rocking or Shocking?
Rocking. 4/5. They have a licence to trill!