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Two Way Radio

They are: two way radio(2WR)
Who are: alternative rock
It is: Bad Transistor

It is fair to say that it is a very rare phenomenon indeed to be asked to review an album which you almost automatically cherish from beginning to end. However, 2WR seem to be able to achieve this almost effortlessly, with an album which is truly 50 minutes of pure class! In places it is simply breathtaking, displaying a perfect balance between the pummelled, energetic beats, and dark melodic rhythms, but always unfailingly bursting ripe with energy and passion.

2WR take you on a journey through a kaleidoscope of beautifully written songs. The opening two tracks being particularly upbeat. The first track called 'Burning sun' being about 'summertime in California'. By the third song 'Up' you begin to feel almost captivated by the singers voice which demands attention, with extremely interesting yet intelligent lyrics. The album continues to glide almost seamlessly from one track to the next with perhaps the two strongest tracks being track number seven called 'Blink' and track number eleven titled 'Drive'.

This band deserve to be big. They have a lot going for them. They have already managed to amass an impressive following in America. For instance, their music is currently being played on over 20 college radio stations in the States, as well as over 100 other radio stations! In addition, and perhaps even more exciting, they have licensed five songs for the independent feature film 'Mulletville', and the song 'California' for the NBC television series 'Trinity' But, alas this is not all. They have also been privileged enough to have had recording sessions with the Grammy Award producer/engineer Dave Shriffman who has worked with the likes of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Alanis Morrisette and Sheryl Crow! Not bad for a band who has only released one full length album, I think you'll agree!

I firmly believe that their success can be matched over here with perseverance on their part. Here is a band with so much potential just waiting to be realised!

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Rocking or Shocking?
Rocking. 5/5. A genuinely eye catching band with ear pleasing tunes.