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Tunsi is a solo artist who combines his hip-hop roots and unique style of rap to make what has been described as "underground style". The outcome? ‘The Omen’ and ‘Behold a King’ written, produced and recorded by the man himself.

I wasn’t exactly looking forward to reviewing these CD’s because as any avid hOOchy* fan will know, I’m not exactly hip hops biggest fan, in fact to be perfectly honest, I hate it. But as soon as the first track of ‘Behold a King’ started I was actually quite surprised. Although there was the usual one beat throughout (which I guess is what hip hop is so there’s no escaping it) there was also some pretty damn cool music with it.
Track 2 is somewhat different to the first, it has less of an unusual beginning and more of what I was first expecting, pretty much repetitive backing music and strong lyrics, although this is way better than anything I’ve heard from this kind of artist before, that could be because I’m making myself listen to it with an open mind (never let it be said we weren’t professional!) or maybe it because Tunsi has great talent as a rapper.
The rest of this CD is pretty much similar throughout. Some start with really funky music, some just have the lyrics kick in straight away. Track 7 ‘What have I got’ (featuring The Committee) has really nice lyrics added to it and its surprising what a difference this makes, (think Eminem and Dido and you’ll catch my drift).

‘The Omen’ Is virtually the same as ‘Behold a King’ although im sure there is a big difference somewhere, but with me not being up with all this I really couldn’t tell you what it was, infact I couldn’t even tell you what the difference between each song was, (que rappers screaming back at computer screen).

Before listening to Tunsi, I always thought there was a big difference between rap and hip-hop but after hearing how effortless he combines the two, I’m now not so sure. There’s probably some hardcore rappers or hip-hoppers out there screaming at me through their computer screens for that comment so I think i should remind everyone again how little I know regarding this kind of music.

I was expecting Tunsi to be as boring as any other hip hop act I’ve heard, but he’s proved to be much more than that. He is obviously an extremely talented artist who deserves great recognition in the rap industry and I’m nearly 100% sure he will achieve this. In my opinion is better than any of the other acts around at the moment, In fact I may even go as far as saying I was pretty impressed, although I would never be tempted to swap my trusty guitar for a bit of freestyling, I might be a little (and I mean a little) bit more tolerant to rap and hip hop in the future, and that Tunsi, is something to be very proud of!

Give him a listen, if I can do it anyone can

Rocking or Shocking?
Rocking. 3/5 You would be hip hopping mad not to at least give it a listen