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They are - tic -'dirty riffs, dirty beats, dirty samples!'
Who are - an experimental punk band/break-beat/random noise making/ear bleed producing/head coma thrashing/vomit inducing!!!
It is - 'the punk rock wars weren't fought for this.......'

Firstly, I feel that I should apologise to all the ticheads who I'm sure have been anxiously waiting for this review (I wish). Sorry guys. I have been promising to write this review for yonks - but I'm only human - and a lazy example of one at that!!. But it's like they say -'good things come to those who wait!!' Probably just overcome with the shock of having to do a tic review(or something)

Initially upon looking at the CD case I was reminded of that famous saying 'never judge a book by it's cover.' Well, I believe that this philosophy can be applied here, but instead it reads 'never judge a CD by it's highly inexpensive CD cover, designed by Phil!' Although it does have to be said that all tic EPs should really come with warnings. Something along the lines of - for the sake of your sanity only listen to in moderate amounts. No responsibility can be accepted for the induction of highly destructive psychopathic behaviour or long term hearing impairments!!!

So, what makes tic, tick? (sorry!). Well according to their incisive lyrics electricity makes them happy...ooooh, and they like crocodiles too, but don't know why? - strange combination there I think you'll agree, but they are a bit weird after all!but I love them all the same.

Describing their musical style is very difficult to say the least. They clearly have punky influences - and a comparison can be made to early Idlewild material, but trying to pigeonhole them is almost impossible. Nevertheless, it is suffice to say that they are break-beat, alternative and very experimental. Indeed, tic don't appear to be shy to try out something new! Joe plays the bongos on some of their tracks, they spin some of the meanest samples around that you have to hear to believe and they even boast having a dancer!!! So tic are both eclectic and electric!!!! Clearly, innovation on their part can only serve to be beneficial to them as despite the fact that they are not the most commercial of bands -it will enable them to carve their own niche into the music industry, which we believe (and very sincerely hope) they have the talent to do so!

However, the main challenge that tic need to overcome in their bid for success is their lack of confidence in their ability. They need to take themselves seriously, then others doubtlessly will follow the lead. Certain lyrics in their songs such as ' I don't know why I bother' in their 2nd track 'Dave Punk', and 'if you listen to my words you know I'll call you a twat!' are perhaps symbolic, unconscious expressions of the pervasive feeling in the band? Only time will tell.

Tic can be found at Although the website doesn't say much - but music speaks for itself.
(alternatively tic can be found at The Park in Peterborough, down the pub or beind chased by 16 yr old skaters!!

Rocking or Shocking?
Rocking. 4 /5. Tic are like marmite, you either love it or hate it. Simple.