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They are: Thorazine!
Its is: The Dionysus Empire

Thorazine! - (hmmm, catchy name. Not). The exclamtion mark after their name bothers me.

So....another punk band wannabe. How origional. Fast guitars, screeching vocals, out of time drumming - What a great idea. No, really, it is. I think it could catch on. *cough cough*.

Thorazine! may be origional in that they are female fronted, but the origionality stops there. They think they're good. They're not. They're nothing new. Everything they're doing has been done a thousand times before. They also have the illusion they're THE band to watch. Watch being the operative word i guess. I think they are perhaps best watched on TV with the volume fully tuned down.

They sing about guys and girls working together or something like that...i'm not really sure. I got bored. I think the general feel to the CD is teenage-angst. Yes, teenage angst sung by a group of people who appear to be about 50 - it's the best kind!

If you like The Ramones or Sham69, listen to Thorazine!, you might like them. But I think the fact they charge as little as $10 (about 7) for private bookings says more than i ever could!

Go and make your ears bleed at:

Rocking or Shocking?
Shocking. 2/5. Don't do it kids.