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The Bruze

They are: The Bruze.
Who are: Grungy rock
It is: Disgruntled

Time to dish the dirt people, and diss (yes, you really did read that correct) a local band. Geeshh..

Firstly, the album sleeve is misleading. Itís got an Andy Warhol kinda pop artish feel to it. Great, Iím thinking. This could be different. Art-rockers, perhaps? A bit of intelligence, perhaps? Wrong. All I can say is appearances are sometimes deceiving. They got one thing right though. Itís disgruntled, and quite frankly so am I!

I think they have overdosed on Nirvana, and itís addled their brains. This is the only pseudo-compliment. From here it is down hill.

The first track is confusing. It starts off slowly, stops, starts again and gradually builds in tempo. Good idea. Original. Not. The song is called ĎGirlí. Please note - I hope it isnít actually written about some girl somewhere, because if it is I feel for her. You need protection! Iíd be scared if I was you. Moving on, the second track is a mild improvement and I was almost enjoying it. It sounds a bit like The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club without their Weetabix. Ditch the crummy vocals and it could even be palatable. The Third track is a life affirming experience. Sound good ? Well, after hearing it you will believe that hell exists, and not only does it exist ĎA Lighthouseí is on repeat play. Iíll never sin again. Should be called I am a shitehouse. Just a thought. My eardrums are seeking therapy.

Pay them a visit and order your Bruze thong at:

Rocking or Shocking?
Shocking. 2/5 Bruzed and confused