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Stereo 360

Stereo 360, the self proclaimed 'Kings of Pop', are four-piece band from Los Angeles, who by the way, seriously rock! Their main object is to "tour until they drop and produce albums that slap you in the face and leave a red mark". They describe their sound as today, but with a vibe of yester-year,"

Stereo 360 have been compared to Oleander, Blink 182 and Sum 41 (hence the sound of today!) and although they do have that kind of pop-punk feel to them, the 4th track, Superstar, has a Dandy Warhols sound to it, which gives the CD more of an Indie-Rock edge. Quite a different sound to The Cars, and Blondie which they site as two of their major inspirations.
What's good about Stereo 360 is that even though all 4 tracks on this CD have the same style, all the songs seem to sound different from eachother. They each have an individual feel without being too different, and yet each are catchy, energetic and very likeable, infact, they are extremely loveable!

As part of a worldwide publicity venture, CD's have been sent to radio stations and magazines not only in America but also in the UK. The Radio 1 Rock Show, Virgin Radio, Kerrang!, NME, and Metal Hammer have all received them, (not to mention hOOchy*!) and with TBA Entertainment Management (one of the most elite and prestigious artist management companies in the world) managing them how could they fail not to make it? Add to this their experience (some members of the band have supported Matchbox 20, Foo Fighters and Creed), and they have the beginnings of a committed and loyal fanbase, (25,000 people worldwide have joined their mailing list and numerous Stereo 360 fansites have been launched), they certainly have the beginning of a committed fanbase and enough experience to make it.

Rocking or Shocking?
Rocking. 5/5 So rocking it hurts!