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He is - Snowboot
It is - Snowboot (untitled)
Which is - New wave/soul/funk.

Wot Snowboot finks of imself:-
'What would you get if Prince and Tina Marie had a love child? The answer may possibly be a 'white boy' ready to take the world by storm. He goes by the childhood nickname, 'Snowboot' who just so happens to single handedly write, produce and perform a fresh new sound out of his Philadelphia apartment. This soul child combines influences that range from the synth-funk of 'Prince' and 'Parliament', the pop stylings of 'Kool and the Gang' and the 'Bee Gees', to the neo-soul movement led by 'Lauren Hill','D'angelo', and Philly's own Jill Scott.

In a time when style sub seeds talent, it is very refreshing to listen to a song that every note on every instrument has been performed soley by one key person, the songwriter. This truly makes music interesting again, to hear a well written song in it's entirety, without the help of twenty producers 'tweeking' knobs on a mixing board. At the young age of twenty-two, Snowboot has produced well over fifty tracks and has been a regular on the NYC, NJ and Philly club scene since age seventeen. Disenchanted by the local venues, the past two years he has been perfecting his craft, writing and recording the music the world will soon appreciate.

Having been in the music business for quite some time, Snowboot has definitely put in his time wisely, whether it be signing production agreements, management deals, or even putting his trust in entertainment lawyers, it has been a tremendous learning experience for the young composer. Now after years of hard work, it looks as if Snowboot may finally be pushing his way in. Now all we have to do is just sit back, listen and enjoy'.

What hOOchy* has to say:-
Tell me more about the 'tweeking' knobs of the producers! That sounds interesting! As for the music - well that is sadly very dissapointing.

Hate this. Snowboot clearly tries, but fails to deliver. Although a very hard working young man (boasting to write 1 song a week) - it is doubtful whether he will ever produce anything worthy of hOOchy* adoration.

Snowboot is a sad, lonely man who sits in his sad little pathetic flat all day writing his lame music, which nobody appreciates. At least that is the image i have conjured up in my mind. He appears to have problems with his neighbours - who complain about his music to the police. I don't blame them quite frankly. If I was in their position I would complain too. Or maybe this is the crucial reason why his music sucks? All the distractions are clearly upsetting the work of this future musical genius which the world has yet to appreciate? - or perhaps not? But they can't as Snowboot has claimed ' break him!' - DAMN!

One track which is particularly shocking is called 'down with you'. Not because it is about sex (described as parental advisory by Snowboot himself!) but because it is just laughably bad. If a song is meant to be about sex - it always helps if the song can well....urr....umm get you in 'the mood' so to speak - but this song would only succeed in getting you in hysterics, and would clearly be a big passion killer!! Snowboot himself says of this track 'sup a 40 while you dance, in polyester pants (um that figures?.......must be an American thang?)

However, to his credit (it pains me to say) the second track on the demo is actually quite good and has some potential. This song is quite catchy and is titled 'Radio Baby', although cannot compensate for a poor CD overall. The tune is best described as very funky and spunky and releases all those feel good endomorphins. I even (and I'm ashamed to admit to this) found myself bopping to this in my room!! - I was really getting into the groove, man.

Sorry Snowboot - I'm sure your a lovely person, and don't commit suicide. I couldn't live with that on my conscience. It takes all types. Somebody out there is bound to like it.

If you are brave..... Snowboot can be found at (or somewhere in the ghetto, or alternatively at the local police station!)

Rocking or Shocking?
Shocking. 1 /5. Its snowgood!!