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Senile think theyíre good. I think theyíre in denial, but theyíll get over it.

Contrary to popular belief I donít actually like being nasty. I want to be nice all the time, honestly. But Senile are just rubbish. Letís face it. Lets not pussy foot around the issue. Iím all for supporting up and coming bands, but I just wonít give hype where it isnít deserved. Letís keep it real, please.

So what have we got. Grunge? Metal? A combination of both? Iíd say the latter, but done very badly. The first track almost manages to please. It isnít great granted. It isnít even good, barely average really but this song is clearly the best of a bad bunch of four, although I have no desire to hear it again, ever. Itís called ĎDiamentiaí which I can only assume is the product of listening to too much of this music. The second track is boring for want of a better word and far too long. Sorry guys, but with the type of music that I think you are trying to aim for I always believe that a short, sharp shock of a song which lasts for say 3 minutes is always better than 7 minutes of drudgery. The last two songs also failed to make a lasting impression.

There will be no prizes for originality and sophisticated songwriting then, but at least I think they try, and thatís got to be worth at least something.

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Rocking or Shocking?
Shocking. 1/5 Senile Delinquents!