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The Pocket Rockets

They are: The Pocket Rockets
It is: Discrete and Powerful

Unfortunately not descrete or powerful enough.

Now, i wasn't going to be nasty about The Pocket Rockets cos they gave me a rather lovely badge - but then i heard they do Pocket Rocket T-Shirts aswell. I wasn't given one of those...let battle commence - mwahahaha.

So, The Pocket Rockets. I guess they thought they were bring clever having a name that rhymes. I don't think it's clever. I may have thought it was clever if i had been wearing a Pocket Rockets T-Shirt right now - but im not. So i think it's a crap name. But that little problem can be changed. If only their musical ability problems were as easily solved.

The Pocket Rockers are perhaps what The Libertines would sound like if they were 70 years old...and less drunk. A bit all over the place with vocals which struggle to stay in tune. However they do managed to have got themselves some riffs worthy of tapping your toe to!! I wonder how that happened.

Now, i have nothing against old people sawpping thier walking sticks for some drum sticks, but in The Pocket Rockets case i think their age is affecting their music. Talk about being stuck in time. They make Status Quo sound up to date. Before they continue with their plan for world domination, i think they should at least make the effort to get with the times.

Rocking or Shocking?
Rocking. 3/5. More hip replacement than hip and happening.