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12 Pearls

'Down to the Last Drop' is the debut album from this Oklahoma four-piece who describe their sound as being "based in a blues-rock vibe that sounds like a Black Crowes-Weezer supergroup." and a super group they are.

12 Pearls have a variety of sounds ranging ‘Power Of One’- one of the mellower tracks -, right up to the more punky sound of Track 11 ‘Truth’. As different as these two songs are, neither sound out of place on the CD, they all come together perfectly to form a well rounded collection of expertly written songs. Most of the songs are extremely catchy and will certainly get your foot tapping on more than one occasion. My favourite is the third track ‘What is True’ if this isn’t a good enough song to get the noticed. I don’t know what is. The whole CD is all very likeable and easy to listen to. More often than not you’ll get a CD where you’ll skip one or two tracks when you listen to it again, but surprisingly there isn’t one song on this CD where I would say you have to do that.
The only thing I do have to say against this CD is the length of the songs. Most of them are on average four minutes long and however much you may like a band, long songs is the thing most likely to annoy you first. Short songs leave you wanting more. Long ones just get boring and make you less likely to want to listen to them in a hurry.

12 pearls are a good old fashioned rock band, no frills, no gimics, just great song which leave you wanting more. Right from the guitar solo intro of track 1, you realize this band will be hard not to like.

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Rocking or Shocking?
Rocking. 4/5. They obviously have many pearls of wisdom.