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Mad Melancholy monkey Mind

They are – Mad Melancholy monkey Mind
It is – Drive
They are – electric rock

Who was it that told me that some things should be seen and not heard? Oh yeah, now I remember, it was that lovely young man.... Mr Ice cream van driver. Thanks dude. Respect. He was kind enough to dispense this invaluable piece of knowledge to me as a little sprog, and I want to take this opportunity tell him, and the rest of the hOOchy viewing world that I am eternally grateful.

Well, anyway (what was I supposed to be doing again?) Oh, yeah a review. This is probably applicable to this CD, which should definitely be seen and NOT heard! But don't let me trick to into a false sense of security that this is the full story. Hell no.In all honesty this CD shouldn't even be seen. It should be kept under lock and key, buried or burnt - thats burnt in the set on fire sence not the illegal copying sense. Now that would be wrong. The colours are all wrong - (not hOOchy* approved colours) , plus, and most importantly, they say that seeing is believing – and I certainly don’t believe this artist has anything even vaguely valuable to believe in!

They certainly don't appear to have anything of much interest to say in their musings. This is perhaps evidenced, most starkly, by the fact that their website and CD is literrally littered (bit of a tongue twister there) with quite intellectual quotes, perhaps, to make up for the fact that their music is in effect, quite an empty vessel. Perhaps Kinda trying make up for these deficiencies. I, however, will not be fooled!

Now lets delve into the music a little further and see if we can dissect it. Electric rock is clearly the defining variable here as is evidenced by the prominence of electric guitars in the music. However, there is certainly a great deal of overkill in this respect, as the tracks do tend to all sound tediously similar.

Although this is by no means the greatest downfall of the album. The shit doesn’t really begin to hit the fan (so to speak) until the vocalist kicks in which is rich from such a poor band – well, his name is Mark Rich, afterall! Gettit? What do yo mean no! Geez..what's a girl have to do these days? Well, F**k off then and go back to playing with your scalextrix.

So what does Mark Rich hope to achieve with this album. Does he wannabe another famous rock star – because I think that’s unlikely, or does he just simply want to write for the personal satisfaction one can derive from it. If the latter is true – that’s all well and good and I encourage him wholeheartedly. But I hope that he expects nothing more. This album certainly wasn’t the drive of my life, and I don’t imagine it would be yours. That is unless you have a passion for Scoda’s. This guy is well past his MOT!

Catch them monkeying around at:

Rocking or Shocking?
Shocking. 2 /5. Monkey Business!! Made me go ape shit!