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Martha Redbone

She is: Martha Redbone
It is: Home Of The Brave

Put Toni Braxton, Norah Jones and Tina Turner in a blender, mix them round, add a dash of the Alanis Morisettes esque organs and a pinch of salt and and hey presto, one Martha Redbone.

Yes she's good. She can sing, she can write and hey, she even looks the part. Great for the next edition of Pop Idol, but dull dull dull for the rest of us. Infact, in the boring stakes, i think she ranks a couple of notches below watching your dinner cook. With the whole Pink/Kelly Osbourne/Avril Lavigune and general girls-with-attitude thing going on at the moment, is she really what the world wants to hear right now?

Rocking or Shocking?
Shocking. 3/5. Martha Redbore