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A new Christmas song that gives praise and adoration to the birth of Christ. Lyrics based on a poem by Lena Kittrell entitled, "Glory, Alleluia to the King of Kings". This song is very inspiring and majestic.

Here a song that sings about the singer's desire to know Jesus better. Written in a praise and worship type of format, this soft and gentle song was inspired by a simple watercolor of Jesus by Lena Kittrell.

A song of joy that asks God to transform us into the perfection of Christ. Originally inspired by the drawing by Lena Kettrel of the caterpillar and butterfly, the song has wonderful, upbeat lyrics co-written with Elton Smith of "Songs of Praise" and will be included on the CD for the play "Come Fill My Heart". I hope that you enjoy it.

I wrote this song after I noticed my son Dustin loving up his new baby boy, Eric. It's a song about a father remembering himself when he became a father and how his perspective on life has matured. (update) Sadly, Eric Daniel Zigler died of S.I.D.S. on Memorial Day - May 29, 2000. I was going to delete this song, but decided to leave it as a tribute to my first grandson, Eric and to his parents, Dustin and Meghan.

Based on a insiteful poem by Joe Medrek, this is a song about reflecting on ourselves and our servanthood to Jesus Christ so that others may see Him and not us.

"I've got those feelings of faith again Lord" is a wonderful song about the many ways that God blesses us, and yet we don't recognize Him, we walk away until the Holy Spirit calls us and gives us a tug on our souls.

This is a pop/rock song for Skit #2 of the Charlie Onion Series. "I'm Just a Guy, Yeah!" sung by Charlie about falling in love for the first time. It has a Tina Turner, hot pop rock quality to it.


  A contemporary Christian love song that tells the story of a husband who wakes up beside his loving wife and watches her while she is sleeping. This song is very romantic!

Originally written with a youth rally in mind, this song is very upbeat and calls for the singers to clap their hands, raise their arms and even to dance! There is an alter call in the last verse.

This is a song about the world's changing values, and how we can find hope in the Christ, "one who loves you".

This is a song of joy. "Whenever I hear the Word of God" and talks about the wonder of His Word, His grace and mercy.


More to come soon .... keep checking back as new songs and webpages are added.....