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Luke 6: 19

"... and the people all tried to touch him, because power was coming from him and healing them all."

My sincere thanks to all my friends who continue to support my ministries with their words of encouragement.

 "Can You Tell Me Dad?"

This song was inspired by a 12-year old boy who asked to preach sermon at our church. His hope was that if he preached a sermon his Dad might come to church to hear him and that would be his chance to witness about Christ. Does that grab your heart?

"Glory, Halleluia"

A new Christmas song of praise and adoration to the birth of Christ. Based on a poem entitled "Glory, Alleluia to the King of Kings" by Lena Kittrell,

"My Desire"  

Inspired by this painting by Lena Kittrell, "My Desire" is a soft, gentle song about our desire to know and serve Christ better.

Songs of Praise (a ministry of original music & artists)

At "Songs of Praise" you will find some of my projects, as well as, a wonderful array of new songs by Elton and others. It is a great website and ministry.

Resurrection Song (an Easter Musical/Drama)

This is our Easter dramatization with wonderful, original songs that will inspire you! A new CD will soon be released with updated vocals, as well as, the song accompaniment tracks.

The Perfect Gift (a Christmas Musical/Drama)

Just released in July 2000, our Christmas musical/drama has wonderful songs that tell the story of the birth of Christ, re-told by Grandma Mary to her grandchildren. Unusual storyline with a timeless message.

Come Fill My Heart (a Revival Musical/Drama)

This is our newest project that hasn't quite been fully released yet. It is a collection of five (5) 1-act plays that are intended to be presented over a series of nights as a Revival service. It includes drama, original music and sermons! Easily staged, "Come Fill My Heart" centers around 4 main characters and the things that happen to their lives.

Transform Me Now (a new song by Dan & Elton)

This is a new song, co-written by myself and Elton Smith. It was inspired by Lena Kittrell's painting of the caterpillar & butterfly (shown above) that represents the transformation of ourselves into the perfection of Christ. This song will be included on the CD for the play "Come Fill My Heart".