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{tuesday, Feb. 4, 2003}
«some new tabs added for empire, feels like summer again, and closer to you.  thanks to lee & rick 

{Friday, Dec. 27, 2002}

«upcoming wf tv appearances:
1.03.03- last call with carson daly (re-run) 1:35am ET on NBC
1.12.03- the wfs will perform during halftime of the afc divisional playoffs on CBS
1.13.03-American Music Awards, (i believe jakob is presenting) the show starts @ 8pm ET, on ABC

« European tour dates:
(OURS will not be opening for the west coast and european tour)
02.13.03: Madrid, Spain-- Arena
02.14.03: Barcelona, Spain-- Bikini
02.16.03: Milan, Italy-- Magazini
02.18.03: Munich, Germany-- Elserhalle
02.19.03: Berlin, Germany-- Columbia Fritz
02.20.03: Cologne, Germany-- Prime Club
02.21.03: Hamburg, Germany-- Markethalle
02.23.03: London, England-- Shepherds Bush Empire

«if you have a question for the wallflowers send it to the webmaster at the official site the q&a will be posted on

{Sunday, Dec. 3, 2002}
updates are on the way, but for now i'm heading off to some wf shows!
some people were kind enough to send in reviews and tabs and they will be up shortly once i finish my wf tour!  take care, and be sure to catch a show by the 'flowers.  the 2nd leg of the tour was posted on the official site. 

{Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2002..set yer vcrs}
«the wallflowers will be on the Late Late show with Craig Kilborn on CBS Monday, December 16th.
«The WFs' tour kicks off tomorrow in Englewood, CO!  drop us a note, and let us know how the show goes!

{Sunday, Nov. 17 2002}

«the wfs are on "live from the lounge" today @ 8pm Pacific time.  you can tune in to star 98.7 or listen online here
«starting last night, CNN Headline news featured a segment on the wallflowers.  Headline news repeats the same news every hour, so tune in and you should catch it.  i'm not sure how long it's going to be shown.  probably not longer than today.  please note, this is cnn headline news, not regular cnn
«there's a new article on vh1 with jake and rami
«the wfs are on extra- weekend edition, check for times, they're on halfway through the show with clips from the nyc in-store
«repeat performance, Comedy Central 2:30pm today on SNL

{Thursday, Nov. 14, 2002}
«chords to How Good It Can Get submitted by Mike!
«according to mtv RLD debuted at #32 on the charts, WYOT is #2 on AAA radio.  not bad considering there was NO promotion.  i'm going to go out and buy another copy of RLD this week.  as long as RLD doesn't drop off the charts it has a chance of getting more promotion.  so help support the band and request the song on the radio, in a store etc. or pick up a copy of RLD, esp. if you haven't gotten it yet.  i think it's the best one yet.
«The Wallflowers' Artist Collection with mini commentary from jake and rami  re-airs on MTV2: Saturday, November 16 - 3:30 a.m. & Sunday, November 17 - 7:30 a.m.

{Wednesday, Nov. 13, 2003}
«reminder: the Wallflowers perform on the Carson Daly show tonight (technically thursday morning) 1:30am-2:05am est. check your local listings for more info.  the show airs after Conan O'Brien on NBC
«Have Sunday Brunch with the Wallflowers...the wfs will be performing at WMTX radio station in chicago nov. 24th.  tune into the station to win tickets...for more info»

{Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2002}

«Jake's gap ad is on the inside cover of Spin Magazine (diff ad from the website)
«reminder:  The Wallflowers' video collection airs today on MTV@ at 1:30 eastern
«Philly Tower Records in-store broadcast today at 6pm
for details visit» and

«tabs updated.  WYOT, EOOTW submitted by Ian.  also added asleep at the wheel

{Monday, Nov. 11, 2002}
«tour calendar for 2002 added

{Monday, Nov. 4, 2002}
hey...lots of stuff has been going on lately...
the site's in the process of being revamped...hopefully it'll be finished soon
«RLD out tomorrow! click here to buy the cd at  according to the site there are two bonus tracks: Empire in my Mind and Peace, Love, & Understanding.
Not sure about what tracks will be on the cds in stores...but Jakob said during the radio performance yesterday that PL&U would only be on cd's in other countries
Hopefully soon, i will be putting up lyrics to RLD submitted by Mark! and the chords to Everybody Out of the Water submitted by Ian!
Also, i went to the radio performance yesterday, so i will try to put a review up.
and if you've see a show send in a review, setlist, etc!
don't forget...
«Nov. 4th- keep an eye on MTV2, WYOT gets added to the rotation today
«Nov. 5th-the wallflowers @ Alcatraz is airing on VH1. they are performing at the Union Square Virgin Megastore (you need a pass to attend), and the wfs are on David Letterman,  check for times.
«Nov. 7th- Jakob on the daily show with Jon Stewart (interview only)
«Nov. 8th- on World Cafe, and there's an in-store performance at the Philadelphia Tower Records (you need a pass to go)

{Saturday, Nov. 2, 2002}
«1st Leg of the Wallflowers tour announced!


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