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Full Name: Emily Josephine Carlstrom

Birthday: April 29, 1984

Hometown: Poway, CA

Favorite Band: 'NSync

Parents: Thomas and Judith(Judy) Carlstrom

Hair: Blonde

Address & Phone number:
That's for me to know and you to find out! :P

Emily started her singing career when an anynomous backer gave her money to record a demo. She recorded her first song "Be That Way" in a studio in Los Angeles. She dropped her demo tape off at the Star 100.7 radio station in San Diego, CA. They liked the song so much, that they called Emily back to the studio before she even had time to get home.
The next day, the producers from the station called their friends that have morning shows in Dallas, Las Vegas, and New York, and asked them to listen to the song as well. They loved it, and agreed to play it the next morning.
By the third day, record labels from all over the country wanted to hear Emily's song. Lava records, which is a dividion of Atlantic Records, wanted to set up a meeting with Emily, along with Artemis Records, and Dave Kaplin Management (who handles Brian Setzer).
Emily's first performance was at Seau's restaurant in San Diego, CA. There was about 800 people there, and they all loved her.
Emily later flew to Ney York to see if she could pick up a record deal. She returned home unsuccessful, but the fans still wanted to show their support for her, so the radio station set up "A Million Clicks for Emily" where the fans would go to a certain website and click on it if they supported her. Emily ended up with over 17,000,000 clicks! This attracted the attention of Universal Record executive, Monte Lipman. Before anyone knew what was happening, Emily was signed by Universal Records, and released her first national single, "Be That Way" on August 22, 2000.