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More of my collection

* The model number data was missing from this old Philco, that I bought for $5 at a flea market in Columbiana, OH, about 3 years ago (1999). Doesn't work, takes 4 AA cells. My folks had one just like it when I was growing was an awesome little radio. This one, however, is one step from the junk pile, with a broken handle, and a squeaky little sound that has a hard time handling stations 10 miles away.

* A Suntone 6TR-100. Plays OK, and is a pretty little radio. The reference books put this around 1961 as a manufacturing date, with a value of around $100. Paid about $15 for it at the Sodus, NY, antique mall at the end of 2000.

* A Raytheon T-150-2, takes a 9-volt battery, and plays. Made in 1956. Paid about $20 for it at the Sodus, NY, antique mall at the end of 2000. I was astounded to read that it is valued at around $300 or more in the Bunis book. Wow. A word about the Sodus, NY, antique mall.... I walked into this place, hoping to find a stray or two, and walked into a stall with about 50 transistor radios on display. I just about fainted. I left with a box of 25 of them, and this was the "pick of the litter."

* A Zenith Royal 50, takes 2 AA batteries, and plays very well. Made in the USA, in 1962. A real fine little radio. Paid $10 for it at an antique mall south of Harrisburg, PA, on Route 15, at the end of 2000.

* A General Electric Model P1720, made in Hong Kong in the 1965-1966 time frame. Plays well. Paid $10 for it at the Sodus, NY, antique mall.
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