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More of my collection

* A Sharp BP-486 radio, found in an antique mall in Ahaheim, CA, in October 2000. Paid $18 for it. Takes 4 AA cells, and will receive stations on Jupiter ! A great little radio, made in the 1964 time frame. Can't find any reference data on this model. Who knows, maybe I'm in possession of the "sole survivor."

* A National Panasonic Model AT280 made around 1961. Takes a 9V battery, and plays OK, but not great. It is a nice looking specimen, though, I'm sure you'll agree. Liberated from the Sodus, NY, antique mall at the end of 2000, for about $15.

* A Silvertone Model 2208, made in 1962. Plays well, looks great, super condition, including the leather case. Takes 4 AA batteries. To change the batteries, you take out a screw from the back, and then pull off the entire front of the radio, exposing the speaker and everything. Odd design. Paid $18 for it at the Sodus transistor free-for-all.

* A gold and yellow Philco Model T51-124 made in 1961. Radio plays well, takes 4 x AA batteries. Unfor-TUNE-atly (get the pun?) someone left the batteries in far too long, and corroded the dickens out of the battery terminals, which are fixed to the circuit board. So, we'll just put this one in the zip-lock bag, and into the archives. Paid $15 for it at the Sodus antique mall at the end of 2000.

* An Arvin 61R19 made in 1961 in the USA ! Takes a real wierd 9-volt battery. Works OK when jumped to a modern, square 9-V battery, but, unfortunately, the radio does not have sufficient space to accomodate the modern battery in its compartment, and allow the back to be snapped on. So, into the zip-lock bag, and into the archives. Paid about $10 for it at the Sodus antique mall transistor radio solid-state calvacade !
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