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More of my collection

* The General Electric P726A, a real mint condition radio. Made in 1958, in the US of A, takes 4 D cells (I think), and will make a sound that will shake the house. GE sure made a fantastic line of transistor radios, for many years. Somebody up in the corporation must have had a real passion for transistor radios, with the hundreds of models they made for years.... and still make. Paid $15 for this one at the Sodus, NY, transistor radio stall.

* A Hitachi TH623 made in Japan, around 1961-1962. Can't find this one in any of the reference books. Plays OK. Shelled out about $7 for it at the Sodus antique place at the end of 2000.

* A double-ball, lime green Toshiba RP-12. Can't find any reference information on this one. I would put it somewhere in the early 70s, when Panasonic was making the Tune-a-loop, and the little ball radio in all the different colors. Takes a 9-V battery, and plays great. Paid $12 for it at the Sodus, NY, antique mall at the end of 2000.

* A General Electric P-795B, made in the USA in 1958. Takes D cells, and is in absolutely mint condition. Paid $10 for it at the Sodus antique market at the end of 2000. If you like transistor radios, you should have seen this stall at the Sodus antique mall. I still get the shivers.

* The General Electric P-780E. This is one monster of a radio. Takes 6 D cells, and will pick up stations on Neptune. Made in the 1962 time frame. This radio is absolutely mint, practically in unused condition. Stumbled over it at then end of 2000 at an antique mall in northern Pennsylvania, on Route 15, about 10 miles south of Williamsport. Paid $25 for it.
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