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More of my collection

* A National Panasonic R-1076, made around 1964 to 1965, made in Japan. Plays OK, not a beauty, but functional. Paid $10 at the Sodus, NY, antique mall. More about the mall later !

* Airline GEN-1206A, made in 1961. Doesn't play, and I don't have time to fix it....but, from the looks of it, it would make a grand sound if it could be restored to working order. Paid $15 for it at the Sodus, NY, antique mall, at the end of 2000.

* The Petite NTR-150, made in Japan in 1961. Takes a 9-V battery, and still plays well. Paid $15 for this little bomber at the Sodus anqtique mall. I like the oriental scene, punched right into the metal grill.

* Realistic 95L-020, made around 1961. Took a real funky 9-V battery. Cut off the old terminal leads, and soldered in a modern 9-V battery terminal lead, hooked up the battery, and this critter will blow your hat off ! What a great radio. Paid $15 for it at the Sodus, NY, antique mall.

* An Orion radio, with AM/FM and SW. Plays OK, but no great shakes. Made in the 1961-2 time frame, I think. Takes a 9-V battery. Paid $10 for it at the Sodus, NY, radio extravaganza. I can't find a model number for this one.... if you can recognize it, please drop me a note.
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