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More of my collection

Here is a real sweetie ! The Arvin 77R19, AM and FM, made in Japan in 1966. Takes a 9-V battery, and plays its little heart out. A real find for $5 in an antique place near Harrisburg, PA (just south of town on Route 15) in Sept. 00.

A Zenith Royal 180, made in the US of A, circa 1962. Takes 2 "AA" batteries, and plays great. Found in Arkansas for $9, in May 00.

A Toshiba 6P-15, made in 1962. Found in Arkansas for $15 in May 00. A good story with this one....put a 9-V battery in it, and just got a little fuzzy sound. I forgot to turn the radio off when I went to bed, and, about 3:00 AM in the morning, I heard a good old fashioned gospel preacher SCREAMING in my motel room....the Toshiba came to life in the middle of the night. But, unfortunately, it pooped out again the next morning, never to make a sound again. Oh well.

* The General Electric P-915E, made in 1963. A real nice little radio. Takes two AA cells, and plays just great. Found at an antique mall near Sodus, NY, at the end of 2000, for about $10.

* A sweet little Motorola X39E, made in 1962, I think, right here in the US of A. This radio was in nice shape when I bought it, but the battery pack (4 x AA) had crumbled to bits with corrosion. Replaced it with a new battery pack from the Radio Shack for about a buck, and this radio is ready to play its little heart out for another 50 years ! Paid about $10 for this, at the antique mall near Sodus, NY, at the end of 2000.
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